September 16th, 2019

Liberal Democrats LGBTQ. A prostituted party?

A satanists' tool aiding the destruction of society. Has their leadership been procured? They  are advocating remaining part of the bolshevik IJEU criminal enterprise against the majority wishes. How democratic of them. Their title should be challenged in court as deceptive advertising.

Presumably they are supporting the IJEU turkic khazar agenda wherein boys are forced to wearing a skirt to school as part of the population reduction and chemical homosexualisation of the male population of Great Britain and NI. A little publicised fact is that it causes girls to enter puberty as young as 5 y.o.  that very likely ties in with the criminal paedos' intention to reduce the age of consent to 5.

The following article examples child abuse approved at government level. Be careful who you vote for.
Teaching kids to be queer has been slid in behind the public's back by the conservative con men.

‘Completely reversible’? UK transgender charity instructs teachers on puberty blockers to 12yo kids

RT 15 Sep, 2019
A transgender advocacy NGO has told teachers that puberty blockers are harmless and should be given to children as young as 12 in a “model” training session for UK schools. Scholars and medics warn such advice is “disturbing.”

Administering puberty blockers to children questioning their gender identity as early as the age of 12 is beneficial for them as such treatment is “completely reversible” and gives them “immense relief,” a trainer with the transgender lobby group Mermaids told a gathering of some 20 teachers and pastoral support workers at the Newman University in Birmingham last December.

The content of the meeting, which has arguably become a blueprint for further training sessions held by the group in schools across the UK, was revealed by the Times on Sunday.

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“Puberty blocker medication doesn’t make any changes,” the trainer argued, explaining that it simply puts “a pause button on the pituitary gland and freezes puberty where it is” and the biological processes “will recommence” as soon as the treatment is stopped.

The Mermaids’ line of argument did not sit well with one of the meeting’s attendees, Michael Conroy, a pastoral support worker, who taped the footage. He told the Times that he was concerned about the group literally encouraging young children to believe that they were “born in the wrong body.”

It’s putting children at risk.

His concerns were shared by Michael Biggs, an associate professor in sociology at St Cross College, Oxford, who told the Times that such a strategy pushes children toward further medical intervention up to sex affirmation surgery.

Teach my child acceptance, BBC – but not the unscientific nonsense that is 100+ genders
(Op-Ed by Igor Ogorodnev)

What are the different genders?
[Male, female and eunoch. Cc]

“Mermaids [are] not giving pupils a choice that they may just be gay or lesbian. Instead, it is diverted down a drastic path that ultimately ends in surgery. To be propagating such information to schools is disturbing,” he said.

The group stated on its website that its advice was based on an “international scientific study and 25 years of experience in this field.” It also boasted about receiving funding from the UK Department for Education ever since the December 2018 session, under a program “overseen by the Government Equalities Office.”

While Professor Biggs has been accused of “transphobia” in the past, according to some reports, he is far from being the only one who sounds an alarm over practices that many find quite controversial. Earlier this year, groups of medical specialists both in the UK and across the pond – in the US – warned about the long-term effects of puberty-blockers and hormonal drugs, calling it a “grave public health concern.”

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The doctors warned that treatment starting with puberty blockers and often ending up with gender-reassignment surgeries has horrifying side effects, including “surgical complications, thromboembolic and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, malignancy, and persistently elevated rates of suicide.”

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) – a conservative children’s advocacy group – also noted that healthcare professionals are “increasingly prohibited from investigating psychosocial factors” forcing children and adolescents to question their gender identity.

Meanwhile, links between gender identity issues and autism have been repeatedly invoked in the past. In 2017, a London clinic for transgender children reported that a third of their patients had “moderate or severe autistic traits.” Yet, instead of paying more attention to the psychological side of the issue, many schools still apparently opt for going ahead with gender affirming actions.

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Do they teach them that they won't be able to have kids, either as a pretend female or natural male?

It will be too late to stop them once a tipping point of kids have been indoctrinated.

This is not about freedom of choice, this is turkic khazar (bolshevik-masonic) war on our christian values and christian society and it is being waged on us through the occupation government, the illuminated Civil Service and bilderberg run zBBC.

I say that as a person that has no belief in religion. I don't need a paid, for profit  salesperson to tell me who or what or where the God is, not even the oily catholic 3 in 1 (buy one, get two for free) version of what the God is supposed to be.

Did you know the Vatican employs satanist priests as part of the zionist agenda to satanise the planet under one religion called lucifairyanism? The religion embraces homosexuality, paedophilia, child sacrifice and torture (to boost the adrenaline content of the blood for a bigger buzz). Not turkic khazarian, royal-noble or rich families' kids, yours.

HEY TEACHER LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE. There will be a price to pay.

Science demonstrated that there is no specific gene that predisposes a person to be queer. Findings showed circumstances and education were the principal reasons for homosexuality. It's a choice. It is now being inflicted on kids by brainwashing at an age where it matters.

Western regimes (including UK occupation regimes) support terrorists that use mentally impaired adults and children as suicide bombers. Seems our enemies without a conscience that include bought and paid for MPs and teachers are using children as a tool to aid the destruction our society and your religion.


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