November 21st, 2018

CO2 The good news - or believe politicians

CARBON DIOXIDE The good news
Indur M. Goklany

Copyright 2015 and published by The Global Warming Policy Foundation


Foreword vii
About the author x
Summary xi

I The benefits of carbon dioxide 1

1 Introduction 3

2 Impacts of carbon dioxide on biological productivity 4
Evidence for enhanced plant growth 4
Present-day contribution of carbon dioxide to increases in crop yields 6
Impact of carbon dioxide enrichment on pests and weeds 8
Contribution of carbon dioxide to increases in biological productivity in unmanaged ecosystems 8

3 Ancillary benefits of increased biospheric productivity 11
Improved human wellbeing 11
Reduced habitat loss and pressure on biodiversity 11

4 Impacts of higher carbon dioxide on water availability and irrigation requirements 12

5 Impacts of higher carbon dioxide levels on marine life 15

6 Conclusion to Part I 18

II Human and environmental wellbeing 19

7. Empirical trends in climate-sensitive indicators of human wellbeing 21
Crop yields 21
Sea levels 21
Precipitation 22
Extreme weather 22
Disease 22
Access to clean water and sanitation 23
Living standards 23

8. Why are claims of damage failing to materialise? 23
Reliance on chains of unvalidated models 23
Climate models overstate global warming 24
Climate models don’t do local well 27
Climate models don’t do precipitation well 28
Adaptation methodology is flawed 28
In summary 32

9. Conclusions to Part II 33

10. Acknowledgements 33

Notes 35


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