October 2nd, 2018

Cameron, an outlaw, a member of the JOWG coup d'etat/putsch


Do the world a favour, print the notice and put it up somewhere highly visible. A church door perhaps.

We need one for the traitors giving away our armed forces to the eco-fascist, kleptocratic JEU regime.

Original (PDF)

Over 700 more co-conspirators.

Who is financing and paying them from your rates, VAT, austerity and CO2 taxes?
HM (in absentia) gov. JEU Commission, City of London's Common Purposed councils, JUN. Maybe the former HMQEII from the Hong Kong bank account with trillions that she is signatory to. The central banks. The Vatican.

Considering the mass murder by NATOCIA initiated by lies uttered by Cameron, perhaps the notice should read, "Dead or... ."

Leadership material?

Edit - "lies uttered by"