January 12th, 2018

Enough people need to know. The time seems right.

The globe Earth is a jesuit project implemented through the RC church.

Is NASA obeying regime orders or are both profiting from the jesuit deception? I read that Trump is a jesuit.

Your own regime or government must know. And the generals.

Imagine that, I wonder if NASA is as fake, more fake or less fake compared to the UN?

This brilliant ODD TV vid doesn't say it all. But certainly says enough. NASA can't respond.

Information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARp2j8t3O8Q
Who is ODD Reality AKA Matt Procella?: http://oddrealitytv.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/who-is-odd-reality-aka-matt-procella.html

NATO is Satan's army. The battle between the pagans and the non pagans is hot in the Near and Middle East, and the Ukraine.

Aluminium causes autism. We are injected with it along with vaccines that contain gods know what else by order of the regime. With regimes' permission squalene, associated with Gulf War syndrome was used as an adjuvant 2016-17, legally in the US. We are sprayed with aluminium, allowed by the regime. That's on top of sources like aluminium pans, deodorant, drinking water. Obviously aluminium in the brain causes damage. What does it do after it passes through a cigarette?
Adjuvants are unnecessary. Their use has at least a profit motive. There are other possibilities that only a psychopathic mind would actuate.
Look forward to an autistic future. The heavier the chem trailing, the sooner more people will become autistic
Refuse to fly with any airline that fails to advertise itself non chem trailers. That's the least aggresive and fastest method to end the harmful pollution..Then the perps and their enablers should be arrested.

Perhaps 9-11 being a CGI event with the zBBC complicit becomes more believable, all the way back to the jesuit City of London. And then there is the CAGW by ACO2 con, and its derivatives. Bitcoin is working out the wrinkles for a cashless society controlled by the few.

Work to do.

Que sera sera

Nano brain penetrating aluminium driven autism.