December 14th, 2017

Megalomaggotry, Treason and Plot



Servants of Satan.
May and her fellow traitors in collusion with the Zionist Org. support a single world government of full spectrum perverts and psychopaths whose manifesto includes imposing Talmud Noahide laws, the decimation of humanity leaving less than a billion in debt slavery and that will make it law that your kids belong to the state that permits child abuse (and its attendant murder aka sacrifice), wars for profit and entertainment and the beheading of christians for worshipping Jesus.

Duplicity and deception has become the trademark not just of the jesuit-Rothschild satanic jew religion but also of those that call themselves our representatives. The RIIA (Chatham Hse) is the senior of the private Council on Foreign Affairs "think tanks" that are run by corporation heads and the criminally wealthy and that virtually dictate foreign policy, disseminated via Bilderberg. Soros is a major influence of the US and EU(SR) CFR. The G7 and 20 are composed of traitors such as Cameron that betray their respective country by conspiring with foreigners to formulate national policy.

High Treason by Gradualism
The (Switzerland based neo nazi CIA's) EU(SR) coup d'etat became evident with (alleged child murderering paedophile and alleged German DVD agency asset) Edward Heath's admission that he lied to the British public about the cost in loss of self governance and self determination. High treason at the very minimum. This treason has been compounded by successive traitors occupying the leadership chair and by their respective party. May is just the latest traitor in an unbroken line of treasonous leadership that stretches back to before WWII. Cameron was reported to have received £10 million per signature surrendering Great Britain. How much is May being paid (by us via VAT and the IMF gifts)? How much was the suddenly wealthy Blair paid for his treason and the Iraq war?
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