November 2nd, 2017

True Jew?

Or khazarian descendant non semitic imposter?

The Word "Jew" and the Scriptures

#Jew, Jews, Jewish (modern and erroneous usage of the word in many English Bibles)
Generally speaking, a Jew is a person named after his/her religion called Jew-ism or Jew-dah-ism, as a Christian is named after his/her religion called Christianity. The word Jew is not found in the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek texts of the Sacred Scriptures, but in many English Bibles the word Jew has become associated with a rendering of the Latin word Judaeus, which was a translation of the Greek word Ioudaios, the Aramaic word Yahudim, and the Hebrew word Yahudah. Although not found in either the Hebrew, Aramaic or the Greek Scriptures, the word Jew has become an incorrect English rendering most often translated from the Latin word Judaeus, a Latin translation of the Hebrew word Yahudah. As translated, it is referring to one of the tribes of Israel named after one of the 12 sons of Jacob. Jews (the plural of the word Jew), is incorrectly translated most often from the word Hebrew Yahudi, descendants of the Israelite tribe named after Yahudah. It must be noted, that the letter 'J' was not in general use until after the 15th century as is now used in many English Bibles to form the incorrect Biblical word 'Jew.' In some English Bibles we have received from the translators, the word Juda. This is also an error in translation because the word derives from the Greek Iudaios, which in the English would be Judaios. Judaios was none other then a Greek pagan deity (see W.H. Roscher's lexicon of mythology).

As examples, the following words have been "transliterated" from the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek, that is, the letters forming the original word have been placed into English letters, so when they are pronounced in English, the word will closely represent the sound of the original word as found in the language of the Sacred Hebrew Scriptures.

#Yahud (Aramaic) = corresponding to the Ancient Southern Kingdom and land area named after Yahudah a son of Jacob/Israel, - (incorrectly translated as Judea, or Judah in many English Bibles).
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