September 25th, 2017

Exposé. The decadence and criminality in climate 'science'


Fifty-eight new science papers published in 2017 reveal NO global warming… “climate change” hoax unravels under scientific scrutiny
September 07, 2017 By D. Samuelson

Extensive list of weather control patents prove the technology exists to augment and control powerful storms
September 09, 2017 By Ethan Huff
Extreme weather events like Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida seem to be on the upswing, and …

Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be “totally wrong” … temperatures aren’t rising as predicted … hoax unraveling
September 19, 2017 By Mike Adams
A stunning new science paper authored by climate change alarmists and published in the science journal Nature Geoscience has just …

Government agencies fabricate science data all the time, warns science whistleblower
September 20, 2017 By Jayson Veley
One of the biggest lies ever told by the left – and there have been many – is the idea that manmade global warming is going to lead to the end of our world, and that the only thing that can stop it is the implementation of a massive, centralized government. In order to sell this lie to the American people, the progressives routinely seek to strike fear into the hearts of whoever will listen to them, making wild predictions of rising sea levels, massive hurricanes, and even the eventual extinction of the human race. What makes matters worse is that these lies are repeated at virtually every level of American society, from the mainstream media, to Hollywood, to college campuses. As such, millions of Americans are often eager to surrender their liberty as a means of combatting something that doesn’t even exist.

Dane Wigington exposes the globalist geoengineering weather control agenda in fascinating interview with the Health Ranger
September 21, 2017 By Mike Adams
Geoengineering expert and weather control analyst Dane Wigington unloads the true globalist agenda behind weather control technology in a fascinating …