August 24th, 2017

What Will It Take?


Climate Engineering Desperation, Decimation, And Destruction,
What Will It Take To Wake The Masses?

June 23, 2016
Dane Wigington

Some 70 years ago our government made the decision to commit the human race and all life on Earth to a lethal global climate engineering experiment. The power brokers did this without our knowledge or consent while being fully aware that the consequences of this experiment could never be undone. Governments all over the world have long since been a part of the global climate engineering cabal, extensive historical documents prove this fact.

Of the countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the climate and the biosphere, the geoengineering/solar radiation management assault is mathematically the most devastating. Every life form on the planet has been completely betrayed by those behind the weather warfare atrocities, and betrayed by the science and media circles who are actively and aggressively helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering omnicide.

Aerosol saturated skies from the ongoing global climate engineering operations,
Redding, California. Photo credit:

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