April 5th, 2017

Faked Terrorism Reported by Fake News to Fake Countries with Fake Governments and Fake Economies


To be a freemason is to serve the deceivers, the luciferian enemies of humanity.

The true terrorists are the barbarian imperialists as.the crime families, the Crown as head of the Black Nobility and the Rothschild court jew heading the central and private banking mafia.


Syria is a democracy.

Assad is as popular as, or more popular than Putin (for different reasons I think.)
If Assad were gassing civilians he woldn't have lasted 5 minutes let alone through 6 years of zionist and BN aggression and extremely hostile propaganda in zionist controlled media, especially as broadcast by the BBC that is the principal protector of zionism's reputation in keeping the indefensible zionist Israeli regime's crimes from public knowledge. And what about the terrorists and their propaganda pervs, the White Helmets that the May regime supports with tax cash, and the BBC by repeating the white helmets' propaganda?

Is Trump's BS just another fake politician's lies like Cameron and Blair's?

Here is Miri's take on the false flag gas attack.

On Tuesday, 4 April, the heinous chemical weapons mantra of criminal lies against Syria were re-launched

April 5, 2017 Miri Wood
At 0637, CNN added another ugly refrain to the chemical weapons fraud against the SAR.  This time, Idlib, home of international human garbage terrorist invasion, got to play fake victim.  Despite CNN’s disclaimer that its propaganda had “not been confirmed,” terrorists most trusted name in news website was been updated on the average of every 10 minutes, since its original “breaking” story.   Though the trashy dramatic upgrades continued, throughout the day, CNN’s website kept  a firm foundation with war criminal Senator John McQaeda McCain demanding the destruction of Syria (and Russia, and Iran, and Hizbullah).
Savage media provides free advertisements, making the terrorists the victims, and the victims the terrorists.
Idlib is under terrorist control.  Though these sociopaths have used chemical weapons in Khan al Asal, in al Ghouta, in Damascus, there is no way to know if they used them in Idlib, Tuesday 4 April.  It is highly unlikely that they did, given that no fake first responder was stricken, that these human beasts continued tweeting all day, that they had time to set up their perfect photos, with perfect symmetry and nice splashes of color. Moon of Alabama, in June 2016, published 44 of their best choreographed fake emergency rescues.
They were busy, and yet able to do intense photo shoots, send them to international msm for immediate publication. They had no problems with internet connection, nor with electricity interruptions.  They even had power water hoses.
Barely visible on the upper right side of this ghastly  photo is a copyright, “Edlib Media Center Via AP.”
Dante could not have created the perfect bowel of hell for these monsters; how long did it take to capture such a perfect photograph, a photograph using the principles of classical art, rearranging the many corpses of the butchered?
Continues http://www.syrianews.cc/tuesdays-criminal-chemical-weapons-lies-syria/


Trump On Collision Course With Putin After Moscow Denies Syria Behind Chemical Attack

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