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TED HEATH Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Elite Satanism, VIP Child-Abuse Networks & the Potential Collapse of the State…

The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam Posted: August 5, 2015

It has become increasingly evident in the last several years that if the full truth about possible Satanic/ritual child abuse among the British Establishment (and beyond) ever comes out, we could witness the complete collapse of the Establishment.
Indeed, other Western Establishments may follow, as the (alleged) cover-up appears to stretch beyond national boundaries.

These current allegations against Edward Heath are nothing new; but the fact that the longstanding police, legal and media embargo against openly investigating or naming ‘VIP pedophiles’ has been bypassed in this instance could be indicative, on the surface, of a bigger push being made. Wiltshire police are appealing for “anyone who believes they may have been a victim” of the former Conservative leader to come forward with information and today it is being reported that multiple witnesses have already come forward.

On the other hand, it is entirely unlikely that a full, comprehensive investigation into the true extent and nature of alleged (and I use the word ‘alleged’ where necessary, because much of the online commentary about these stories neglects to separate proven fact from mere speculation, theory or allegation) Westminster sex crimes and VIP child-abuse networks in general will be conducted or disclosed any time soon; because if it was, it would destroy this country. That’s not an exaggeration; it really could cause a governmental and societal collapse on an unprecedented scale, demanding a country-wide ‘vote of no confidence’ in the state, and if the truth was openly admitted it would destroy Britain’s reputation and standing in the world overnight.

Why? Because – if even some of the stories and claims are true – Ted Heath would just be the tip of the iceberg in a longstanding conspiracy that would involve a number of high-profile British politicians, including former Members of Parliament, the Royal Family, the aristocracy, the police, the legal realm, etc, and would involve child-abuse, (alleged) Satanism and (alleged) child murder on a scale that even the most morbid horror-novel author would never have conceived of.

I have to admit to significant surprise that Heath is even being openly investigated. Ted Heath wasn’t just an MP – he was the Prime Minister of this country.

Why an open inquest into Heath’s behaviour is now occurring, I’m not sure, given how much else appears to still be being covered up; but it may be that Heath, being another conveniently deceased perpetrator (like his friend, Jimmy Saville), is simply being thrown to the public as an offering by the Establishment in the hopes that Heath might be portrayed as just a ‘bad egg’.

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