clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

The Resilient Earth

Chapter 3 We are in an Ice Age? (pdf)
Chapter 4 Unprecedented Climate Change? (pdf)
Chapter 5 Ice Ages (pdf)
Chapter 6 Ancient Extinctions (pdf)
Chapter 7 Changing Atmospheric Gases (pdf)
Chapter 8 Moving Continents & Ocean Currents (pdf)
Chapter 9 Variations In Earth's Orbit (pdf)
Chapter 10 Varying Solar Radiation (pdf)
Chapter 11 Cosmic Rays (pdf)
Chapter 12 How Science Works (pdf)
Chapter 13 Experimental Data and Error (pdf)
Chapter 14 The Limits of Climate Science (pdf)
Chapter 15 Prophets of Doom (pdf)
Chapter 16 The Worst That Could Happen (pdf)
Chapter 17 Mitigation Strategies (pdf)
Chapter 18 A Plan for the Future (pdf)
Chapter 19 The Fate of Planet Earth (pdf)
Afterward (pdf)
Tags: book resilient earth, cagw, co2 scam, mmcc, mmgw

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