December 28th, 2016

NEO: CNN, Turncoats, Terrorists, and the Obama Plan

CNN, Turncoats, Terrorists, and the Obama Plan

23.12.2016 Author: Phil Butler
Column: Politics
Region: Middle East

4534234234An op-ed allowed on CNN’s website reveals once and for all the mission of the network with regard to unrest in the Middle East. “Why we lost Aleppo”, by Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi, puts the voice of a mercenary led regime change up for scrutiny. Most people stopped trusting CNN some years back, but making space for jihadist rebels and ISIL collaborators cuts it.

When I read the headline above as I scanned Google News for today’s mainstream insanity, I thought my eyes had deceived me at first. Aleppo having just been liberated from head chopping maniacs Washington liars call moderates, the narrative came a shade too soon. A former Syrian Military Colonel turned traitor joins CNN in placing blame now. But the blame game we’re accustomed to is not the story here. The identity of CNN’s contributor is. With the same sellout networks that tried to sell us Hillary still spewing lies like AK 47 fire at us all, finding out Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi is in with ISIL too, this is stunning.

The CNN expert Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi who claims he and the rest of the Free Syrian Army took over 70 neighborhoods of Aleppo with less than 500 men, now attempts to cover his own backside by telling of ISIL stabbing FSA in the back. This interview with Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi obtained by LiveLeak frames the Colonel formerly sworn to President Assad, as a staunch supporter of the infamous terrorist group.

Now the good colonel uses CNN to distance himself from a jihadist revolution, back by the United States and NATO, that is falling apart. However, the credibility of CNN, combined with the officer’s past associations with members of Ghurabaa al-Sham brigade, casts this CNN author in a “true news” light. For those unfamiliar, the Ghurabaa al-Sham brigade mentioned in this Reuters story from June, 2013, it’s a Turkish and Eastern bloc jihadist group known to have smuggled foreign fighters to Iraq, to have intervened in Lebanon during the 2007 Lebanon conflict, to have fought in Syria from Aleppo. Looking farther into the man’s associations we find the snake’s nest of special interests from Turkey, the Kurds, the YPG, and a network of self-proclaimed ministers and back stabbing opportunists that makes Washington DC look like Disney World.

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