December 18th, 2016

The Coup Attempt against Trump


Freedom in America Disappearing in Plain Sight.
The Coup Attempt against Trump


The republic was founded “in strict secrecy,” Benjamin Franklin explained. When asked “what have we got, a republic or a monarchy,” he responded “ (a) republic, if you can keep it.”

Today he’d say a coup to destroy it is underway in plain sight, the last vestiges of freedom fading with it – a fascist dictatorship emerging, far more ruthless and dangerous than others in world history.
A terrifying state of affairs exists, a grassroots nonviolent revolution vitally needed to change things directed against both the Hillary and Trump factions. Otherwise all is lost.
Nothing but committed mass activism in the streets like never before can work. Voting is a waste of time. If it could change things, it would be banned. It’s permitted because powerful deep state interests get their way no matter how elections turn out.

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