December 15th, 2016

Why Did ISIS (collective noun) Attack Palmyra?


The historic site is high profile, symbolic. It serves several purposes, a distraction from the disaster for MsM, NATO, the Pentagon, the WH, Erdogan, zionist imperialism, Bilderberg oligarchal investment that Aleppo represents.

It is also being used to attack Russia. Russia is to blame for losing Palmyra to the invading Western backed and "advised" terrorist insurgents. Palmyra, a city with no strategic value beyond propaganda and oil. And an airbase.

An attack on Dayr El-Zor is anticipated. ISIS taking the T4 air field would reduce the ability to provide air cover for the Syrian Democracy defence forces.

T4 shouldn't be so important, there's the aircraft carrier that has been used already. Unless T4 is intended to provide a landing place for more illegal foreign intervention? Speculators suggest the 200 US specials are headed to Dayr El-Zor.

Why were Syrian Democracy defence forces and civilians removed from Palmyra? My guess, to minimise human casualties whilst setting up the jihadis for a fish in the barrel shoot.

This is the losers, the external interested parties using tax and black op (Afghan Heroin?) funded proxies to do as much damage as possible, to cause the maximum chaos before the inevitable post mortem before the world.

Or pehaps there is something there that wasn't taken or destroyed last time, that is worth a battallion of NATO ground force invaders of the do or die variety of jihadistas?

Last guess. A distraction, or a combination from all of the afore-mentioned

Separately, I didn't hear whether anything came of the Yemeni government's announcement that they are ready to accept the Saudi surrender.

Invading a sovereign nation's airspace without permission is a crime, an act of war in some circumstances. The BBC announced that Britain is collecting surveillance info of Alleppo using drones with the intention of providing evidence of terrorist atrocities? Nope. Russian. My word..

Fighting terrorists such as the death row criminals Saudi employs as insurgents requires abnormal tactics. The luciferian UN demands kid glove treatment of terrorists attacking Syria's Democracy.
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