December 2nd, 2016

Mass killer of humans Blair, freemason, zionist and enemy of humanity

This fundamentally screwed up waste of oxygen and enemy of humanity and nature, allegedly a Rothschild is jointly responsible for the mass murder and consequential deaths of thousands of others through the use of British defence and security services working with the Pentagon to destroy Iraq's capital and infrastructure using UN banned radioactive depleted uranium weapons (that have since caused additional deaths from malformation in babies and radiation sickness) and then to occupy Iraq despite not having UN approval. In fact the UN begged the sub humans not to murder Saddam until they discovered how the Iraqi world's best social security system worked. The subs treat their UN with contempt.

‘An example should be set’: Tony Blair faces new charges in Parliament for ‘misleading’ UK over Iraq
RT GB Nov 27, 2016
A cross-party group has tabled a new motion against Tony Blair, on the basis of facts revealed in the Chilcot report, that could see him stripped of his place on the Privy Council – a potential humiliation for the former leader, who is attempting to play a bigger role in UK politics.
gosh. A fitting punishment for mass murder, abuse of authority, deception of parliament and the public, and sundry other crimes against humanity... Sad and sick.
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