November 23rd, 2016

Mrs M, please end Britain's involvement in the Syria gang bang

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen etc., arms sales to the Sauds (and the CO2 and BoE currency cons) have brought enough shame on the country.
Syria, a country of 18.5 million is a democracy under the overwhelmingly popular Assad government protected from the aggression of the West by the Syrian Army. Much of the planet know the the zio led West is the Crown approved aggressor, not Russia nor China. The zionist plan for world domination that the Crown appears to have zero objection to, as espoused by Harold Wallace Rosenthal will have to be shelved.
SyriaNews carried the following article that demonstrates just what the zio led West is party to by aiding the Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, US, supported terrorists such as the renamed AQ in Syria al Nusra, al Sham etc.

Syria: NATO Moderates Massacre Children in Aleppo School

SyriaNews November 21, 2016 Miri Wood Syria1

Graphic photos.

by Afraa Dagher

Ten elementary students were murdered yesterday morning, 20 November 2016, by the cowardly, hated missiles of western backed “moderate” armed gangs in Aleppo, Syria, when the Sariah Hassoun primary school in al Fourqan was targeted.  A little child, beautiful girl, was shocked.  She was at her school when the terrorists launched their advanced missiles on her school.  She witnessed the horror of the genocide.  She saw her friends murdered.  She saw her classmates injured.  She was also injured; her blood was covering her hands, and some spots on her small face. This child was forced to suddenly be mourning her friends, to ask this dumb and deaf world, “What have we done to deserve that?  I ask God to take you all!  It is enough!

Another child asked his teacher to say his dead classmates are martyrs, as the reason for them not coming to school, tomorrow.

A beautiful teacher who survived the bombings had to have her leg amputated.  A mother, when she heard of the school bombing, ran to try to rescue her kid, but the missiles, the continued shelling of missiles on Aleppo, also killed the mom.   The little girl, childishly trying to understand what happened, asked her father, “where is my mom?  She will never wait for me after this.”

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