September 9th, 2016

Why did Turkey and the US commit acts of war against Syria?


Erdoğan and the West's PTB suffer from PCD addiction, power, control, $$$. The addiction often afflicts those with other disorders such as paedophilia, homosexuality, sadism, low IQ, absence of morals, absence of humanity, over compensation of an inferiority complex, compulsion to lie. These conditions are seen as normal in oligarchs, neocon politicians and especially zionists in leading positions. The reason for this is that the freemason grand master selection of candidates to offer the public prefers those of a socio- psychopathic nature. This is also seen in military and police leadership and reflected in the rank and file. It is also being spread to the classroom and local politics by Common Purpose, a freemason gang. It is a culture that is imposed on Israelis through education and media lies, e.g. establishment incitement of hatred of jews across the world, the holocaust, eviction of ne'er do well jews from various countries, and so on.

Turkish Invasion Of Syria Reveals Vortex Of Interests
Author Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post August 30, 2016

As Turkey deepens its push into Syrian territory, numerous geopolitical interests are now colliding with one another in what appears to be a war worthy of the reputation the Middle East has for political and geopolitical complexity.

syria safe zone Having had its immediate expedition across the Turkey-Syria border condemned by the Syrian government, Turkey is now facing some public criticism from the United States in regards to its military efforts against Kurdish forces east of the Euphrates who are themselves aligned with the United States, partially against ISIS and the Syrian government as well as staunch enemies of the Turkish government.

The United States is stating publicly (although public statements do not always mirror behind-the-scenes agendas) that fighting between Turkey, Turk-supported “rebels” (aka ISIS, al-Qaeda, FSA), and Kurdish forces is “unacceptable” and that the clashes must stop. The U.S. envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition, Brett McGukr, stated that fighting in areas where ISIS was not present is “a source of deep concern.”

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