August 15th, 2016

Seven countries in five years. ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Nusra


When your government is the enemy.
NATO-CIA zionist controlled regimes - UK (MI6) Saudi, US (CIA) Turkey, FR (DGSE) Jordan(?) are those most involved in the unwarranted destruction of ME and African countries through the creation and support of terrorist organisations, illegal ground ops and illegal bombing. If this isn't about 'greater' Israel, then what?
Prosecute your government for breaching UN regs and international law on numerous occasions.

Who Created ISIS? The Enemy-Revealing Question That De-masks the Empire’s Facade For Good

Activist Post August 14, 2016


By Bernie Suarez

With this being a time of escalating tension, fear and chaos in America due to corruption, State-engineered events and propaganda, we need to apply sound reason and logic to help us first recognize and then reconcile the meaning of these events. This will allow us to live our lives in a prosperous and mentally healthy manner. Both physical and mental health as well as a sense of warmth, safety and security must be fought for in order to maintain (or achieve) a climate where one can thrive as a human being. This overall wellness is now being redefined as the world around us changes for the worse. And as I’ve stated in the past I believe true mental health is now being objectively defined by your ability to see beyond the narrow spectrum of mainstream media and into the massive pool of freely available information today — an era properly called the Information Age.

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