August 13th, 2016

Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans


12.08.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Emerging reports from Syria suggest United States naval and special warfare elements may be assisting extreme jihadists break out of embattled Aleppo. Unconfirmed reports of US warships sharing intelligence with the group Jeish al-Fatah, also suggest US Special Forces elements may be trapped within the surrounded city. If confirmed, these reports would not be the biggest surprise to objective observers. Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, along with ISIL having changed identities a dozen times supersedes any adamant amazement by now. As the Syrian civil war seems to be winding down, we must begin to question America’s real role in this catastrophe.

I was reading earlier today a report FARS News Agency, about alleged assistance being rendered by US forces to a group inside Aleppo. According to this report;

“Syrian army and Hezbollah said the terrorists in Aleppo are both receiving logistical aid and intelligence support from the western states, specially the US warships deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.”

While FARS may not be the most credible source given the Iranian agency’s past record of sensationalist diatribe, these days every news source needs to be scanned and scrutinized, to find the actual truth of matters. If Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal can provide puzzle pieces, then certainly the most one sided media on Earth can render puzzle pieces. As to US collaboration with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, there is already a mountain of proof. But US warships forwarding intel? Green Berets or Seals embedded in terrorist units? I had to investigate. [Company for the SAS presence. Cc]

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