June 24th, 2016

BRout. Proud to be British



A huge part of the massive overburden of deeply corrupt bureacracy is being removed from the British people.

Without the support of the UK regime the less supported white elephant fascist EU dictatorship will collapse to a burnt out core.

Sufficient people overcame their conditioning, the deceit about the EU regime peddled by MPs, Common Purpose, the media (in that the 4th estate have kept us uninformed, misinformed and disinformed of the EU regime's shortcomings and misdeeds) and the zionist infiltrated and corrupted churches, protestant and catholic alike.

A kick in the teeth for the traitors that were happily signing away Britain for personal advantage.

A kick in the teeth for the zionists and their one world government by violence and deceit ambitions of which the EU regime was a big part.

A kick in the teeth for NATO, membership of the EU regime obliges membership, submission to faceless psychopaths.

A kick in the teeth for the currency fraudsters. The inevitable currency pyramid collapse has been hastened.

A kick in the teeth for those that have been destroying the family, the religion, the culture and  distorting education in the once great sceptred Isles.

If the relatively minor increase in people of other cultures arriving swung it, I thank the evil George Soros for paying for the passage (and fake Syrian passports?) of those muli-raced 'Syrians'.

The 2nd most shameful occupation of the Houses of Parliament after the Blair regime is ending. Cameron has resigned but it will take till October for him to shred all the incriminating papers and seal away those that can't be destroyed (?) so we are stuck with the traitor till then.

It's been a long time since 'Proud to be British' has struck a chord in me. Thanks to all that did the right thing from the bottom of my heart.

We'll be punished and then, gods willing, with, for the first time, a government of the people the land will prosper as never before.


The CIA acting on (whose instructions, the League of Nations?) was fundamental in the creation of the creeping cancer EU regime.

If they aren't too hungover UK column should be interesting. 1pm for the show http://www.ukcolumn.org/