February 22nd, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: UN Allied with Terrorism Over Deliberate Malpractice in Kafarya & Foua

21st Century Wire  Exclusive By Vanessa Beeley February 19, 2016

Yesterday we reported the good news that Russia had brokered a deal with the US to allow Humanitarian aid to finally enter the western- backed terrorist besieged villages of Kafarya and Foua.  While the sun never sets on the Madaya propaganda, these two villages have been left in the shade by mainstream media, International aid organisations, the UN and “regime change” intent Western governments.
Today, however,  we received the following distressing statement from the Specialist Hospital in al Foua:

"Statement by the Specialist Hospital of AlFua and the People of the Besieged
Towns of AlFua and Kefraya on the Recent UN Humanitarian Aid Delivery"
Residents of the two towns besieged by al-Qaeda terrorist gangs received, with a great deal of hope, the news of an international agreement in Munich, regarding the facilitation of humanitarian aid deliveries to the besieged areas.  The hope came after a long-standing series of disappointments due to irresponsible behaviour, mistakes and the bad practices of the International organizations concerned.
Accumulated instances of malpractice have led us to conclude that these organisations have deliberately penalised the residents of Kafarya and Foua.
The hopes of the hungry children and the elderly patients quickly faded and were downtrodden as the roar of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent trucks arriving in our towns subsided and we saw the poor quality of the goods being delivered.  Many of the items were damaged or perished.  Many of the supplies had to be destroyed as they were useless.  Equally many of the items essential to ensure the continuation of hospital work and to meet civilian’s basic needs were simply not delivered.
We, in the only hospital in the towns, and on behalf of our suffering people, call the United Nations and its representative in Syria, Mr Staffan de Mistura, to listen to the following:
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