February 12th, 2016

Anglo-US-NATO interference in the ME for profit, control by megalomaniacs and their puppets

Puppets to the megalomaniacs, traitors from nationalists and humanity's perspective

Russia Revealed Continuing Daesh - Turkey Secret Contacts
Al-Alam February 10, 2016
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says his country has information on secret contacts between Turkey and the leadership of the so-called “Islamic State” terrorist group.
Russia Revealed Continuing Daesh - Turkey Secret Contacts
“There’s information that the leadership of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) is continuing secret contacts with the Turkish leadership,” Lavrov said during an interview with Russia’s Moskovsky Komsomolets daily.
“They’re discussing various actions in the current conditions under our Aerospace Forces’ airstrikes seriously limiting their traditional routes of smuggling,” Lavrov added.
"The Turkish leadership has completely lost its touch with the real world," Lavrov added.
Relations between Ankara and Moscow deteriorated in November last year when Ankara shot down a Russian Su-24 aircraft carrying out anti-terrorist operations in Syria.
Erdoğan is the imperialists NATO's stick to provoke the 'bear' into retaliation. Putin has warned NATO he won't hesitate to nuke NATO forces if the controllers make any attempt to start a conventional war with Russia.

Saudis Encourage US to Send Troops, 'Fight Their War in Syria for Them'
Al-Alam  February 10, 2016
Saudi Arabia has said that the oil kingdom is ready to participate in a US-led intervention in Syria and send conventional troops or special operations forces to Syria if the US decides to launch a ground offensive.
"The Saudis are 'inviting' the US to put American soldiers at risk to advance their goals in Syria because they can't do it for themselves and probably wouldn't even if they could," he noted. They are essentially "trying to sucker the US into agreeing to fight their war for them."
Riyadh's military campaign in Yemen, which has been largely condemned as a humanitarian disaster, could serve as an indication of what the Saudis are willing to do. The operation has primarily been conducted through airstrikes. In fact, the Saudi-led coalition conducted some 1,200 airstrikes in the first three weeks of the intervention (which is incomparable to Riyadh's feeble efforts in Syria).
"Considering how unwilling the Saudis have been to commit large numbers of ground forces to their appalling war in Yemen, it was never credible that they would be willing to do more than that in Syria," Larison observed.
Even if the Saudis send their forces to Syria as part of a larger US-led ground efforts, US troops would likely do all the heavy lifting. Journalist Andrey Polunin recently pointed out that Saudi special forces are quite limited in their capabilities.
Saudi officials first mentioned that the oil kingdom was ready to participate in a US-led intervention in Syria last week, raising questions as to what Riyadh's intentions truly are. Numerous rebels groups, who are trying to overthrow President Bashar alAssad, have received financial support and weapons from Saudi Arabia. In addition, Riyadh has apparently tried to undermine the Syrian peace process in Geneva; FNA reported.

The psycho-sociopaths that have made themselves obscenely wealthy from plunder and powerful by co-opting societies' regulators into betrayal of their people have been busy creating a virus that targets a genome, e.g. Arabs, Africans. Most zionists are not Arabic, e.g. most Israelis. They have already created GM mosquitoes to deliver whatever germ they wish to spread. The Zika bug in Brazil has been associated with such, the bug itself may have been interfered with to produce the specific damage from infection.
Time for those not interested in a world dominated by greed and violence to fight back. My suggestion is a bionic germ that targets those damaged with psycho and sociopathy that have a net worth of over a billion. Absence of morals seems prevalent amongst the destructive parasites and useless eaters like banksters, politicians, currency manipulators and wealth inheritors. A bug that was capable of locating such through computer networks and that could also operate on genetic material would fit the bill. Destroy the lust for wealth and power and perhaps we can get our planet back from the mega destructive 'aliens'.