February 4th, 2016

The Role Played by the Propaganda Steamroller in the Syrian Conflict

NEO 03.02.2016 Author: Gordon Duff
Every death in Syria and Iraq, were one to be honest, can be blamed on a myriad of causations, Turkey’s oil dealings, recently come to light, are but one of many. Without propaganda, the US bombing campaign might have been real and the endless flow of Raytheon’s TOW missiles to ISIS might have been stemmed. Propaganda, the war of cowards and sneaks, isn’t as faceless as many assume. Today we will take a look at a face or two, perhaps make someone “famous.”
As the war in Syria and Iraq is turning against NATO, a number of “public relations challenges” have arisen:

  • Turkey is now the proven oil partner and financier of ISIS terrorism with a flood of satellite intelligence making any attempt at denial laughable.

  • The “moderate rebels” and Free Syrian Army are now proven to have been a figment of propaganda and all trained jihadists and advanced weapons intended for these imaginary groups have always gone straight to ISIS and her sister organizations.

  • Turkey has been involved in the manufacture and transit of chemical weapons used by terrorists in Syria, a fact proven over and over, now a major area of investigation.

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