January 18th, 2016

UK regime. Criminals that should be in jail, not ruining the country.

The UK regime. A cess pit of psycopaths, megalomaniacs, paedos, regular criminals, liars, junkies, alcoholics and spongers.

Yes Minister... it is a human rights issue

Broken by its own champion – a very un-happy birthday to the Global Arms Trade Treaty
© Amnesty International
The global Arms Trade Treaty came into force last Christmas Eve. In many ways a very familiar story of a miracle birth, heralded as a new chapter for humankind. One year on, though, and it’s already been broken. More shockingly still, by its own self-declared greatest champion - the UK.
The Arms Trade Treaty was hard won. It doesn’t require an arms expert to work out that most of the world’s worst horrors are committed with weapons, but arms experts from groups like Amnesty, Oxfam, the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and the Control Arms campaign came together in an unprecedented way in a decade-long campaign calling for the treaty to be instituted. Controlling the global arms trade and pre-empting the likelihood of atrocities, we argued, would help cut the tyrants off at source by denying them access to their tools of violence and destruction.
But like any treaty, it only works if it’s followed and a damning ‘legal opinion’ today echoed what we’ve been saying for months; the UK has broken it.
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