December 29th, 2015

Russia in an invisible war

Russia in an invisible war

by Rostislav Ischenko

How could Russia in just 20 years, without wars or other perturbations,
rise from a semi-colony to an acknowledged world leader, equal among the top ones?

Voltaire Network | Moscow (Russia) | 28 December 2015

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Kitchen “strategists”, who sincerely believe that massive nuclear strike is the universal solution to any international problem (even the hottest one, close to military confrontation), are unhappy about the moderate position of the Russian leadership in the crisis with Turkey. However, they deem insufficient even direct participation of the Russian military in the Syrian conflict. They are also dissatisfied with the Moscow’s activities on the Ukrainian front.

However, for some reason nobody asks a simple question. How did it happen that all of a sudden Russia started not just actively stand up to the world hegemonic power, but successfully win against it on all fronts?

Why now

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