November 8th, 2015

Cameron Establishes “Total Control” Over UK Citizens


04.11.2015 Author: Martin Berger

In the 21st century the political scene of most Western countries has been heavily dominated by oligarchs and their obedient puppets who are desperate to corrode the rule of law and radically restrict the personal freedoms of local residents. This process has been significantly aggravated by the tragic events of 9/11 and the severe financial crisis that followed the collapse of Lehmann Brothers in 2008. According to one of the leading advisers to President Obama – Rahm Emanuel “it would be a shame not to take advantage of such a situation.”
The notorious Patriot Act has given the US government the right to spy on its citizens, along with extending the privileges that the FBI and other national intelligence services enjoy. It has been widely regarded as a straight-out transformation of so-called “American democracy” into a sort of authoritarian regime in blunt violation of the rights that the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution granted American citizens. Even though the Patriot Act has recently been replaced by the so-called Freedom Act, the outrageous violations of US citizens’ human rights continues.
This US example has produced an indelible impression on the politicians of nearly every other Western country that now are beginning to tighten control over their own citizens in turn.

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