October 13th, 2015

Truth gets bukkered

13 Oct, 2015 15:41 (Edited 14 Oct, 2015)
'Unanswered MH17 questions need criminal investigation' — RT Op-Edge
The Dutch Safety Board has reiterated it is not within the remit of the investigation to apportion blame, emphasized international security expert, Charles Shoebridge.
Shoebridge said: "It is important to remember, as it was reiterated by the chairman [Tjibbe Joustra, the Dutch Safety Board] in his speech over and over again, that it is not within the remits of this investigation to apportion blame. Therefore, its investigation has halted, in its judgment anyway, that it has found the technical causes of the incident, and also sufficient information gathered to make further recommendations to prevent this kind instances happening in the future.
For example, they have concluded that a Russian missile, that’s to say, a Russian-manufactured missile, in other words the Buk missile, and of course… this gives scope to western headline writers to put in their headlines that it was a Russian missile, because it is a Russian-made missile- that is not disputed, it would appear from these findings - rather than a Russian-owned missile."

He also added that "once having found that, the enquiry went into some detail to say that three simulations were run as to where the trajectory of this missile flight might have indicated that it had come from. And they haven’t come to any conclusions on that.
So we’ve got a situation where three different parties: the investigation team, the Ukraine government, and the Russian Federation government - with the help of the manufacturers of the missile system who reported in their own report this morning in a separate report - have come to different conclusions where this missile was fired from."
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