September 23rd, 2015

Mr Cameron: Why Do You Want Assad killed Or Gone?

The Assad government was democratically elected.
Its popularity has only grown due to the Turkish regime, the zionist run Israeli and Saudi regimes, the zionist run Western regimes, the zionist run NATO and associated terrorists doing their level best to kill Assad and destroy the government for profit and for geopolitical advantage. In the process, when not done by UK forces and sevices, aiding and abetting murder of non combatants on a massive scale and destroying infrastucture with the refugees a consequence of your actions.

In an honest world how much would the UK regime owe the Libyans for the destruction of Libya, the crimes and atrocities committed in effecting regime change? How much of their wealth in zionist banks has been stolen?
How much is the constantly increasing debt to Syria for damage and loss of earnings due to the Western axis actions total so far?
A true assessment would find you bad for humanity, bad for the EU, and especially the UK. If presented with undoctored evidence an honest court free of masons and other corrupt judges would throw you and your authoritarian regime in prison and lose the keys, or hand you over to the injured parties' courts for their justice.
But we can whistle in the wind for that can't we.

How Deep is the Rot?
Is the general that would attempt a coup against a Corbyn government a zionist NWO adherent, a luciferian, just another enemy of sovereignty that would protect the fifth column regime, Black Nobility royalty and zionist bankers from the people? How many enemies of the people are there at the top of the armed forces, Civil Service, Police, media, banks?

Did you and your generals answer the Iraqis when they asked you why they had to shoot down UK planes to avoid them supplying ISIS?

Allied axis of evil activity this year aloneCollapse )