September 2nd, 2015

Aangirfan: Cameron and the conservatives - Controlled by Israel

David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.
According to The Sunday Times, 8 October 2006, David Cameron is said to be have been nicknamed 'Puff' at Eton.
Cameron shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub.

In 2012, Peter Oborne at the Telegraph pointed out the very close connections between David Cameron's Conservative Party and Israel.
80% of all Conservative Members of Parliament, and most Conservative Cabinet ministers, are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel.
The UK Conservative Party is apparently controlled by Israel.

Cameron and One Direction. TOP CONSERVATIVES.
Some would suggest that Israel is linked to the child abuse rings which are used to control Conservative politicians.
Of course it can be argued that Israel also uses child abuse rings to control key people in the other political parties and in the police, security services, military and media.
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