July 9th, 2015

Behind the Greek Debt

July 7, 2015 by Thierry Meyssan

The current debate about the Greek debt has given rise to all sorts of threats, first of all against Tsípras’ government, then against the Greek voters. Without becoming involved in a discussion of the repugnant side of this affair, Thierry Meyssan observes the international campaign against Greece leaving the Euro zone. He shines a light on the historic project of the European Union and the Euro, as they were formulated in 1946 by Churchill and Truman, and concludes that in the end, Greece is trapped by the international geopolitical environment and not by its economic situation.
Joseph Retinger, Polish ex-fascist who became a British agent. At the request of MI6, he founded the European League for Economic Cooperation, of which he became Secretary-General. In that function, he must be considered the father of the Euro. After that, he directed the European Movement and created the Bilderberg Club.

The Greek referendum provoked some sharp debates in the European Union, which illustrates the prevailing state of ignorance about the rules of the game. The participants tore each other to pieces in their attempt to decide whether or not the Greeks were responsible for their debt, although they were always careful to avoid accusing their creditors of usury. But they affronted one another ignorant of the history of the Euro and the reasons for its creation.

The Euro – a Cold-War Anglo-Saxon project
Since the Rome Treaty, 64 years ago, a succession of administrative bodies of the « European Project » (CECA, CEE, UE) have been spending colossal, unprecedented sums of money to finance their propaganda in the media. Daily, hundreds of articles, radio and television programmes are financed by Brussels in order to inculcate us with a false version of its history, and make us believe that the present « European Project » is the same as project as it was between the two World Wars.
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