June 23rd, 2015

America’s Missed Opportunity In Syria

19.06.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

We begin with two issues that have come to light in the last week. The first involved the CIA Syria destabilization program that congress is voting to partially defund. It seems that the CIA has been operating with a $5 bn budget to arm separatist groups fighting the Damascus government.
Until this was published in last week’s Washington Post, nobody had heard of any of it.
There are several problems with this, in reality more than several. To begin with, official US policy is to only support groups fighting against ISIS. This is because, officially as of February 2015, there were no acceptable anti-Assad rebels to support. All groups had either dematerialized and joined al Qaeda/al Nusra or ISIS or had become inactive. The Free Syrian Army some love to talk about no longer exists yet we are giving “it” billions of dollars for heavy weapons including thousands of advanced TOW missiles which are showing up with ISIS and al Nusra.
Yet the CIA, despite the policies outlined by regional commander General Allen before the Atlantic Council last March, continues to fund fighters knowing they are also fighting against Iraq, are perpetrating a genocide against both Syrian and Lebanese Christians and attacking America’s close allies, the Kurds.
Quite literally, the CIA is arming the groups the US Army is vetting and arming a military force to fight against. The CIA openly admits running clandestine training facilities in Jordan but sources also have located CIA camps, run by Google Idea Groups and L3 Communications in Hatay Province of Turkey.
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