June 14th, 2015

Pentagon research uses IBC data to sanitise US violence

Iraq Body Count: Undercounting Death With Pro-war Cash
June 10, 2015

The Pentagon used IBC data for pro-occupation propaganda
By Nafeez Ahmed Information Clearing House, Medium

An official funding document confirms that the Iraq Body Count (IBC), a widely-respected antiwar group monitoring Iraq War casualties since its inception in 2003, has received core funding from government agencies complicit in the Iraq War, since 2009. A close review of evidence in the public record also reveals that in 2006, the Pentagon used IBC’s data to legitimise US violence under the military occupation of Iraq.
In an earlier investigation, I reported that IBC’s directors received funding from US, Swiss, German and Norwegian government foreign affairs agencies that had directly supported the war.
This funding was received through a parallel casualty-recording programme at the Oxford Research Group (ORG), run by the same directors. The funding, however, was not disclosed to the scientific journals publishing papers by IBC directors, which analysed the Iraq War in the same period.
An official document in the public record from one of IBC’s funders, however, shows that the ORG programme was being run by the IBC, which was therefore directly supported by this funding.
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