April 16th, 2015

VT revelations.

NEO – Why America Is Being Targeted
April 10, 2015 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with New Eastern Outlook
[ Editor’s Note:  Get ready for another barnburner from Gordon below, and fasten your seatbelt. He takes us down the Yellow Brick Road of American political corruption with the writing technique of a Fellini movie.
The Ted Cruz material at the end, about his being a Christian Zionist whacko, compliments of his even whackier dad, is something corporate media has somehow managed not to find, even though it comes right out of the horse’s mouth. Or is it that they don’t want us to know — or was it that someone ordered them not to tell us.
As you might expect, this piece is a hint that we need to take the gloves off in the coming political season, as the various sellouts and bottom dwellers are paraded before us, as if there were real options for us among them.
So far, it looks like the usual political conundrum we face at election time — we are damned with either one on key security issues, and only have choices on the fluff stuff, with the exception of some of the economic issues. I hope that all the candidates have a campaign season like they have never endured. They have earned it, and so have we…
Jim W. Dean]

The world is filled with extremist groups, both political and religious. One such group, “strange bedfellows” as seen by many, threatens nuclear annihilation of the planet.
This group or cult, centered in America and Britain, subservient to Israel, has both great financial and political power and access to several nuclear arsenals.
Some of this has been done through key individuals within the defense establishments of the US and Great Britain, others through nuclear armed terror groups in their thrall and more frighteningly, through their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, the most dangerous terrorist leader in the world today.
Anyone failing to note the current set of conflicts, ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, the death cult that has taken control of Kiev, Boko Harum, Al Shebab, all dancing to the same tune, would be remiss.
This is all the work of the “Masters of the Universe,” managed and controlled by an international network of blackmailed and bribed diplomats and military leaders, men like NATO commander General Breedlove or women like the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, aided and abetted by security services, with mountains of drug cartel cash and backed by occultist fanatics.
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