April 2nd, 2015

Tweetz to April 1st

Trita Parsi ‏Mar 29
Western diplomat tells me Saudi has decided to provide al-Nusra (al-qaeda) in Syria with whatever it needs.
WW3 Updates
-The EU has called for a halt of the attack on Yemen by Saudi Arabia. A distinct split from the US position.
-US coalition bombs Iraq-i “Al-Hashd al Sha’bi” and kills its fighters who were advancing against ISIS in Tikrit.
-Washington’s closest ally in the middle east (Saudi Arabia) has ordered Muslims to destroy all churches in the gulf.
CAUTION: Horrific footage from Saudi bombing of a market in Kitaf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL7QT0vCME0 … No military targets nearby.
Putin surprisingly comes out in support of Gulf nation’s bombing campaign of Yemen.
Turkey deployed anti-air missiles (Hawk) against Syria-n planes attempting to bomb terrorist targets in Idleb. SyAAF had to pull out.
Covered Up by US " news " Israeli forces kidnapping Palestinian Kids http://www.news786.in/article.php?id=MTQwOTM=
[Feb. 285, 30 under 18]
Yemen-Houthi & supporter army capture large part of Aden, street fighting going on . Pro-Saudi army depo targeted
Fer Gunay
Things heating up in Turkey. Militias on the street in Istanbul. Situation quite tense

Press TV
28 killed, dozens wounded in Saudi-led attack in Yemen’s province of Hudaydah BREAKING
Death toll from ISIL massacre in Syria climbs to 48 http://ptv.io/1qGa
Breaking News Witnesses: Ansarullah, allied army units advancing into KhorMaksar, central Aden

Révolutions Info
Egypt Obama releases frozen military aid to Egypt - 89.3 KPCC: 89.3 KPCCObama releases fr... http://bit.ly/1EzZv6d

RT America
Carter: ‘Too early to say’ US is winning against ISIS as Iraqis liberate Tikrit http://on.rt.com/asohp7
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Which enemy of the UK & humanity will you vote for? A freemason?

95% of crime is committed by Government

And yet people believe them, meekly accept their judgement, vote for them and obey them.
The invasion of Iraq was done on the basis of government fraud about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" they knew did not exist. They killed over one million Iraqis. Whether its manslaughter or murder, its still a crime.
That's why Bilderberger Foreign Secretary William Hague is so desperate to silence the chief prosecution witness, Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks website has published the documentation that convicts them. It used to be gangsters who silenced witnesses, but Hague is attempting to sabotage the criminal prosecution of other Bilderberg ministers.
The government deregulated the banks in 1999, deliberately making them massive fraud machines, creating bubbles in the markets they knew would burst, rewarding criminality by allowing billions in bonuses for failure. Their goal is political engineering, to further impoverish us, reducing our financial muscle and our ability to resist.
The abolition of Britain by the six EU treaties was completed by the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, and executed by our top 17 government ministers, who committed treason, and who have been EU Bilderbergers, bribed EU agents since Edward Heath.
That's a ten trillion pound nation, the world's 5th largest economy, illegally sold into increasing slavery inside the emerging EU dictatorship.
That's why treason is the most serious crime. This was easily the most serious act of high treason ever committed, and under our five Treason Acts, the thousands of government officials involved, the 362 MPs who voted for the EU, and those who very deliberately signed EU Treaties, including John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the Queen, should all hang by the neck until dead, as both those laws and our common law demand.
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