February 27th, 2015

ISIL (1) Two UK regime planes downed enroute to airdrop weapons to ISIL

UK, IL, US and other Western regimes occupied by NATO are accused of supporting ISIL.
Is your gov't the real enemy? Ps, PMs and "representatives" continually lie and always complicit in the lies mainstream media (MSM) continuously acts as a mouthpiece for the enemies of humanity, conceals the truth or diverts attention with warmed over BS such as the latest demonisation of Russia and Putin. As in Libya and Syria the orchestrated opponents of a country that is an obstacle to the advancement of the NWO global hegemony agenda and the Israeli regime's maniacal expansionist scheme are covertly provided with funding, training,  weapons and direction by allied military and intelligence services. There are always secondary reasons for Bilderberg and Israel firsters using NATOCIA, its insurgents and terrorists to terrorise and murder civilians and destroy infrastucture and leave a country in chaos. The reasons include plunging the country into IMF debt, control of the economy, sale of weapons, control of resources and
land and achievements such as Libya and Iraq  by the Pilgrims creation, Bilderberg on behalf of the Black Nobility is bragged about and celebrated by such (alleged servants of Lucifer) as Cameron and Obama. The successes are not for the benefit of the public, it merely pays for them and provides people to do the  dirty work such as bombing, shelling and shooting the inhabitants of target countries. While attention is focused on the ME "jihadists" and the Ukraine's neo nazi fascists, Africa is increasingly receiving the same "largesse" courtesy of the Boko Haram gangsters allegedly provided for by the CIA.

Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL,

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