February 20th, 2015

Currency (1) Doomsday, The End Is Nigh

Dollar collapsing, euro on the brink, enemies of humanity trying to provoke WWIII
The US currency wars are front and center today with Mr. Odintsov's timely article to connect the current dots.
Preamble by Jim the ed sets the scene for the report, "NEO – The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies" that follows.
February 16, 2015
Editor’s note: The US currency wars are front and center today with Mr. Odintsov’s timely article to connect the current dots.
This process had been following a natural slow evolution to allow everyone time to adjust to the changes without major disruptions. But trouble came to paradise.
The banksters decided they did not want to relinquish their lock on international trade having to be done largely in the dollar.
They unleashed their financial attacks through the mega loan fraud and then the super computer derivatives scam that still goes on today.
That brought the transfer of a huge amount of middle class capital into the hands of guess who. And to make sure “they” had no problem with prosecutions, they wisely cut the political establishment in by guaranteeing them superior campaign funding forever, and they have delivered.

But they have also overplayed their hand with the combination terrorism and regime overthrow campaigns they have unleashed, which also cut the Intel and Justice Dept. people in for a piece of the action. Sanction wars came in vogue to make examples of all those who wandered off the plantation.
Those sanctions have boomeranged as de-dollarization, the creation of multiple settlement and credit card systems, dual currency trading agreements and joint national banks, have all joined hands to build firewalls against offensive western sanctions — the modern financial slave collar.
If the West begins to lose the game, the last card to play is the big war, declaration of emergencies, etc., where the game will be re-rigged once again.
But now the intended targets will have their defenses ready, especially those with energy resources. The EU is getting a taste of this already.
You will see a big push for targeted countries to maintain domestic supplies of the crucial things people need, or to keep pipelines open to suppliers who do not have a track record of being under the thumbs of the Sanctionistas.
Meanwhile the masses seem brain dead that the solution to the debt scam hinges on one simple solution… confiscation of the criminally-gained assets of the many of the world’s elites. I am not talking about personal fortunes here, although a hunk of it is certainly there, but the super trusts where the real stashing is done.
All the Intel agencies know where they all are, and who really owns them. They can take it back any time, as data mining clearly tracks it back to the crimes done to obtain it. But the catch there is who do the Intel agencies really work for? To be continued…

Jim W. Dean
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