February 10th, 2015

Focus On Reality Versus Its Portrayal By NATO, Western Politicians & MSM

Cold War 2.0: Countering NATO Propaganda against Russia
By Vladimir Kozin
Global Research, January 23, 2015
Oriental Review
In December 2014 NATO released a factsheet on NATO-Russia relations covering more than 30 issues.
The document was cooked according to the standard scheme elaborated by the US State Department – they take a Russian “false” assertion and dress it with a “correct” disclaimer.
Taking this weapon in hand, our expert is throwing the alliance’s propaganda claims back. Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences Vladimir Kozin was directly engaged in NATO-related issues during his 40-years-long professional career in the Russian Foreign Ministry. He was one of the leading negotiators from the Russian side at the most of the Russia-US diplomatic and military talks on disarmament, strategic deterrence and other issues in 1990s.

Claim: NATO has a Cold War mentality
NATO’s  opinion:
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