February 4th, 2015

Cameron, Israel firster, Bilderberger, enemy of the UK, the people and freedom

Just another shill, decoy for zionist global rule here to fool the people into believing there is a gov for the people. Cameron is a zionist. He and fellow puppet leaders are responsible for much that is wrong in human society. Simple example, we vote politicians in to run the country yet under Brown's reign control of the economy was given to the BoE, a corporation whose c. 1000 shareholders of mixed nationalities and its board are led by Rothschild and HMQEII.
In signing any treaty that cedes sovereignty to the European Commission (led by Bilderberger Junker) and its Council (led by Bilderberger Rompuy) treason is committed. Every PM since the EU was created has committed treason and several before. As with the Blair gov and Iraq WMDs Cameron along with his yes men in parliament lied about the Libyan gov intending to bomb Benghazi insurgents as evidenced by satellite images. Only complicit media allowed him to get away with the mass murder resulting from his call to attack the Libyan gov and the Gaddafi family. The polical system of Libya, participatory democracy in which it is impossible to have extensive corruption was a threat to the extensively corrupt representative democracy in the West. The Libyan suppression of terrorists and insurgents was a problem for the secret services that create and use them, (e.g. LIFG in Libya, AQ in Afghanistan). Rothschild family controlled "green" banks, central banks and esp.Goldman Sachs that was to be investigated for losing the entire Libyan investment brokered by Blair, the IMF that wanted the country in debt, hydrocarbon corporations and the Israeli gov that want brutal instability across N.A. and the M.E. as part of its expansion plan. Also Rothschild covets control of the immense N.A. aquifer to commoditise it.
Cameron has not declared his participation in Bilderberg that arranged the destruction of Libya by its nonaccountable army, NATO. He broke rules attending a UK meeting without a civil servant to take notes. If it is proved he is a freemason (~95% certain) then he is unfit to be PM not just for breaking rules but for allying with enemies of UK sovereignty such as the EC and Bilderberg. The man should be sent down if not put down. Time to end the rule by deceit, trickery, terrorism and aggressive imperialist war of the luciferian banksters, corp'ns, Rothschild and his zionist Israeli gov and their public sevice enablers such as complicit media owners, directors and editors, senior civil servants, police and military upper hierarchy, royalty, secret services and corp'n heads.

Cameron declares himself a Zionist. By Jonny Paul Jerusalem Post correspondent
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