January 21st, 2015

US, NATO, their footsoldiers

2014, a good year for NATO by Manlio Dinucci December 2014
2014 has been the year of resurrection of the Atlantic Alliance, through the coup in Ukraine and the Daesh offensive in Iraq and Syria. These operations organized covertly by NATO, now allow it to replay the scenario of the Cold War. Thus has the US again become the "indispensable power".
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How Vladimir Putin Upset NATO’s Strategy December 2014 by Thierry Meyssan
Russia is reacting to the economic war which NATO is waging against her in the way she would have reacted in a conventional war. She allowed herself to be hit by unilateral "sanctions" in order to better lead the opponent to a battleground of her own choosing. Simultaneously, she has signed agreements with China to safeguard her future and with Turkey to disrupt NATO. As long ago, against France or Germany, her initial defeat could be the guarantee of her victory in the end.Collapse )