January 12th, 2015

Bilderbergers' ambitions include a world gov't by any means

I suppose HMQEII is supporting Bilderberg for us.
Bilderberg (ostensibly controlled by the Pilgrims [shareholders in the BoE and or BoL?] ) is the illuminati zionists' foreign office where for-profit decisions are made like destroying Iraq (oil), Afghanistan (oil, minerals, drugs), Syria (gas, drug route), Iran (oil, gas, drug route), E. Ukraine (control of Black Sea, mfring, agr & ind), Libya (oil, water) Gaddafi's family, himself and his country and plans for a united Africa with a gold supported currency and a political system called participatory democracy (in which it is almost impossible to establish anything but small time corruption, unlike representative democracy), many small countries in Africa and S. America included. Oh, btw Gaddafi was also destroying Bilderberg's (NATO/CIA/MI6 controlled) terrorist orgs like AQ, al Nusra.
The aggressor (BoE) families of Rothschild, House of Windsor and (FedRes) Rockefeller are at the root of a mafia-like org called zionism that controls W. hemisphere gov'ts from the top down to local groups including the front for paedophilia that the freemason org represents apparently, and includes top military, police, civil servants and likely your next-door neighbour. Jews are the fall guys except for the zionist members such as the Israeli gov't and ours, the Yanks, Canadians and probably all W. hemi gov'ts and quite a few in the Middle and Far East. The enemies of civilisation and equality.
Cameron is a Bilderberger and almost certainly Hague, Obama, the Clintons, Sarkozy, Hollande, Valis and others in positions of power and in the corporate and media worlds.

Apparently completely insane Netty wants total chaos in the ME and brutality beyond belief so that those subjected to the product of directed finance and arming of masses of psychopaths by their moneyed equivalents will accept any higher authority imposed on them by the aforementioned.
Seems that the twin towers and bldg 7 were a demo of what the other 7(?) "nuke demolition built-in" multi storey bldgs could devolve into if the the White House doesn't kiss butt according to dictates via Mossad and associates CIA, MI6, DGSE, DVD etc. that are directed by Bilderberg. As well, NATO is at their behest, a private army and formidable enemy of the people of this planet. Cameron believes himself on the winning side. He is a jumper and will go whichever way the wind (power, influence, cash) blows. Elections are a joke. Cameron's 'oppo' Milly is a jewish marxist zionionst for goodness sake. Scrape off the Luciferian crap and you have a Hitler only with a smaller brain and lower morals.

Fear-Mongering Ahead of Another US False Flag?
Stephen Lendman

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