June 26th, 2014

The $ plunges as nations abandon it for trade

As the US gets poorer its (Bilderberg's) military options for hijacking and plundering countries reduces, placing increasing dependence on thinly stretched and underfunded NATO, the public funded non-accountable state terrorism gang. So what is a poor, incompetent and criminal world gov't wannabe mafia to do about the growing trade and military dominance threat of the China- Russia alliance to imperialistic ambitions?

Chinese Spring?
Roman Pogorelov

With the “Arab Spring” scenario unfolding in Ukraine, the USA is aiming at, among other things, driving a wedge between Russia and the EU, and we must recognize that they will succeed in doing this. It is no secret that Russia’s power rests on hydrocarbon exports. The primary consumer of Russian gas and oil is Europe, so the damage the Russian Federation would suffer from ruptured ties with Europeans can hardly be overestimated. The logical result of the current crisis in Western relations has been the formation of closer relations with China. It is believed that Russia requires approximately 3 to 4 years to reorient oil and gas flows to the East, and these is reason to believe that the USA will make every effort to prevent the consolidation of cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. It is very likely that in the near future the West will try to destabilize the situation in China, thereby weakening its two geopolitical rivals.

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