January 28th, 2014

Bilderberg do not want you to know that Libya is being taken back from them by loyalists

Southern Libya that sits on Libya's share of the immense aquifer that spans several countries as well as abundant hydrocarbon bearing strata has been cleansed of NATO controlled invaders and traitors by the Green Resistance that includes the former Libyan armed forces and black Libyans that were targetted by the invaders and traitors in an ethnic cleansing exercise (link). The puppet regime's forces have targetted Sabah civilians with white phosphorous and sarin gas. Attempts by the regime to retake it on the ground have failed. Preliminary skirmishes are taking place in the capital Tripoli, perhaps probing the occupation forces strengths or keeping them occupied while the GR goes about its business. The GR has stated Misurata is the next target. Yet the controlled W. media reports nothing. The first intimation that there was conflict came with a report of a French general saying something would have to be done about the fighting in Libya, next a report of Italy training the puppet regime army recruits and now the CIA created Jamestown Foundation has published this item of disinfo - Tripoli Battles Shadowy Qaddafists While Tribal Rivals Fight Over Southern Libya to explain away the fact that loyal Libyans are retaking their country in a counter insurgency.

The Jamestown Foundation: A News Agency Made to Measure
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