January 25th, 2014

Focus on the Qatari funded disinfo project against Syria

Very, very likely false evidence, hyped by the permanent government's subject media outlets that are owned and or run by Bilderberg/Freemason subjects and "charities" financially influenced by Soros (CFR), the enemies of humanity are pigging out on the highly lucrative false propaganda routine in an attempt to portray the individual, Assad as a worse leader than those we are being poisoned, starved, euthanised, sprayed and taxed to oblivion by in the West, to rescue a hollow victory, a puppet government in Syria, from the ashes of the failed campaign to destroy then partition Syria and its popular government by violent means. The sociopaths' plan for the destruction and division of Libya is being turned around too.
As ye sow... Unfortunately we are likely to be on the receiving end of retribution for the actions of the royal family, Rothschild family, Rockefeller, the UN, Bilderberg, NATO, their subject gov'ts, the Israeli regime and the combined intelligence services.

Syria: Who are the Real War Criminals? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
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