October 14th, 2013

Hey, Geneva Convention Signatories -

Statement of the LNPM ( Libyan National People’s Movement) on the occasion of kidnapping the so-called head of the Interim Government of Libya

The Libyan National People’s Movement (LNPM) as it follows what is happening in Libya of developments the latest of which is the abduction by the armed militias of the so – called head of the interim government would like to elucidate the following to all States and international and regional organizations:

What took place in Libya was not a revolution for the sake of democracy, but it was a military operation by armed terrorist organizations that succeeded in deceiving the international community until they managed to tighten their grip on Libya and turned the country into self-governed fiefdoms run by lawless militias, where by the worst violation of the rights of individuals and groups is practiced and where repression, kidnapping and terrorism is adopted as a single policy for the control of Libya’s decision. This in turn means that the so-called legitimacy in Libya is but a lie peddled and then ratified by those responsible for toppling the Libyan State, and that the so-called national Congress and the interim government are only the image behind which the militia forces that dominate Libya now are hiding themselves without any legal, moral or political controls.
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