September 28th, 2013

The negative impact the existence of "government" has on everything

"Government" does not serve the people. It is not even populated by "the people's choice". We get to choose from a selection hand picked by the enemies of the UK and humanity that inhabit the higher orders of Freemasonry, the so called Zionist secret army.
So who does the regime serve? Not a difficult question really, just look at who is prospering the most in times of austerity, apart from the weapons sector that  "government" strives hard to satisfy both with the input of public's taxes and the market creation. Quite clever really, Dave is a sales rep and market creator for the sector, the amount of public cash spent on hardware, weapons and munitions used for aggression against other countries is a military secret. Around 40% of the military budget at a guess. Another big bite goes to Bilderberg's loyal secret services that when not creating domestic terrorism incidents at home are busy fomenting strife in foreign countries where governments have refused to bend the knee to Bilderberg's psychopathic plonkers.
Then there is the agenda of the Luciferian Zionist bandits that stuff money into political party accounts in order to "persuade" politicians to support Israeli regime policy - of apartheid against Palestinians (reportedly imposed due to the natives having a higher reproductive rate), of expansionism involving further "growth" into Palestinian and Syrian land and of aggression against the nearby Muslim countries that, due to apparent dementia on the part of successive regimes are perceived as a threat to the existence of the yet-to-be-defined-by-borders country, that is what is peddled but the reality is resources (hydrocarbons), strategic advantage and of course the support for the megalomaniac rule-the-world-under-one-Luciferian-religion agenda. Compliant politicians get a free Israeli passport, so I'm told, that grants priority access to the underground and undersea facilities (created with tax funds) in the event that the brain cell sharers manage to start a world war.
But above all other lobbying groups is the mother of all parasites, even above politicians, aristocrats and royals and that is the state welfare supported bankster families that are identified as finance houses. The Rothschild family in particular has shaped the world into a self-destructive debt currency dominated system where finance houses can commit any crime, even commissioning the destruction of countries, assassination of whistle-blowers and destruction of Western edifices such as the 9/11 atrocity.
With impunity?
Why No One’s Investigating Wall Street
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