September 4th, 2013

In this thrilling episode of gov mfr science fiction...

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Britain, France, Germany and Israel Lie for Obama

Stephen Lendman
Obama rages for more war. He intends more mass killing and destruction. Attacking Syria is virtually certain. It's just a matter of when.
It's likely shortly after Congress reconvenes on September 9. So-called token strikes conceal planned shock and awe.
Tomahawk cruise missiles usually carry 1,000 lb. warheads. Hundreds may be launched over several days.
Doing so will cause extensive destruction. Perhaps thousands will die. Many more will be injured. If damage assessment is insufficient, more strikes will follow.
Bombs away is longstanding US policy. America's a killing machine. It's history is bloodstained. More lawless aggression is imminent. It's based on lies.
John Kerry replicated Colin Powell's moment three times. He lied repeatedly. So-called evidence he claimed about Assad using chemical weapons is fabricated. None exists.
It's baseless. It's fake. It's manufactured out of whole cloth. No evidence links Syria to chemical weapons use. None!! Claiming otherwise reflects Obama's rage for war.
Britain, France, Germany and Israel are imperial partners. Lies are contagious. They're spreading their own.

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