June 6th, 2013

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Washington blasts Syria, Hezbollah for liberation of strategic town
The US has strongly condemned Syrian Army’s liberation of the country’s border city of Qusayr, which had served as the major stronghold of foreign-sponsored armed insurgents that sought to overthrow Syria’s government.
The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the al-Assad regime's assault on al-Qusayr, which has killed untold numbers of civilians and is causing tremendous humanitarian suffering," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed in a Wednesday statement.
The apparent US rage over the success of the Syrian forces to drive out the foreign-backed militant gangs that have terrorized the nation over the past two years, comes amid widely reported US plans to offer direct military support to the anti-Damascus militants with the announced aim of overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The White House official further called for "safe access" to evacuate injured insurgents and provide “medical supplies,” a call that apparently was not considered worthy of a response by Syrian officials.
Washington has also blasted the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah for its support role behind the Syrian military triumph over the insurgents, who received massive amounts of arms and supplies from US-backed regimes in the region, including Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and even the Israeli regime.
This is while Hezbollah has described the recent military victory over Qusayr as a major blow to the US-Israeli-Takfiri triangle in Syria that sought to remove the only Arab government in the region that effectively remained behind Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.
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