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If you want to know who your real rulers are find out who you can't tell the truth about.

Declassified US Intel – Israel Always an Enemy
US-Israel relations have been an ongoing tragedy despite our Intel archives being open since 1982
by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor and  Press TV
The history of America’s involvement with Israel has been an ongoing tragedy.
The Palestinians have of course suffered the most, having been invaded by legions of atheist and communist Jews, primarily from Eastern Europe.
And yes, they claim ‘God gave us the land’.
They teamed up with the 5th column Zionists already there who had been carefully and methodically laying plans for taking over the land.
This include doing to the Palestinians what they claimed the Nazis had done to them…killing and kicking the Pals out to make more lebensraum (growing space) for more Jews.
Generations of Israeli Lobby fellow travelers have worn the sordid mantle of ‘Palestinian holocaust Deniers’, to coin a phrase, with no shame whatsoever. Golda Meir was their Hebrew Klan Grand Dragon.
She produce a low cost and instant holocaust hat trick…” There are no Palestinian people,” she said.
One of the main tasks of Israeli espionage has always been to protect Israel from judgement day for their crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people. To them this is a war, and they take no prisoners. When are we going to figure this out when it comes to dealing with them?
Today I begin a series of articles to pin the holocaust tail on their correct donkey. I am going to use sources with which the general public is unfamiliar, the declassified American Intel files on Israel. And yes, these have been open since the early 1980's but might as well have been in a library on the moon.
Israeli penetration into not only our media and publishing, but also our political arena has virtually banished these documents from the historical narrative. The fear is that they could be used to deprogram pro-Israeli zombies and expose all the treasonous Americans who have aided and abetted the Israelis in hiding their crimes.
Let us start at the beginning. A crime against an entire people, to holocaust them from their own land, has to have a plan. Here it is.

In March, 1948, a Joints Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives…
Ze’ev Jabotinsky – the Founder of  Militant Zionism
a)   initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,
b)  acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,
c)  the extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine,
d)  the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, and
e)  the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East…
The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical
concepts of Jewish leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been
privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant
Jewish group…the Jewish Agency….(Taking Sides, 1983…Stephen Green)

This Intel report is the Rosetta Stone for everything that Israel has done since before it’s so called birth, but which was more like letting a Frankenstein monster loose on the land. We had loyal Americans who saw the trap back then, yet we walked right into it. Why have we done it, and for whom?
In ten years of sharing this declassified Intel with Americans, including active duty officers and veterans, I have never met a one who was aware of it. Welcome to the free country of the United States, where people are not very free to know a lot of things the Israeli Lobby people don’t want them to know.
We also have early reports of the Zionist pre 1948 war 5th columns in Europe shopping all over the continent for chemical and poison gas munitions they could use for their Neo-Exodus. This was the one to drive out the Palestinians, and not the Hollywood Soviet style propaganda film version where 5000 Zionists held off the Arab hoards.
These American Intel declassified files are filled with report after report of Zionist treachery on a scale that gives truth to a long list of negative stereotypes. Hence, corporate media will not touch this material with a ten foot pole. Now you know why. Much of that has been to steer attention away from their own record of horrors so they could continue to play the perrenial victim.
In late 1949, when I was born, U.S. Army Attache in Tel Aviv Colonel Andrus filed a report citing ‘wanton killing of Arabs….denying access to their own land’. The same thing continues today through American support of our almost blank check support of arms and ammo to the IDF.
This makes both the Palestinians and American children and grandchildren co-victims of Israeli aggression, at the hands of our own government. The last Gaza attack was a perfect example, with the Pentagon now pushing through
an almost $700 million restocking of munitions for the next Palestinian November turkey shoot.

Image text -
Of course Jews and Arabs were also
killed in King David Hotel attack but
the Irgun did not care.
Sociopaths never do.

Earlier in 1948 the Zios began making their mark on terrorism history by blowing up the Semiramis Hotel on January 5th. A bomb, 175 pounds of dynamite, caused it to disappear with 23 civilians killed including the Spanish consul. This act is still celebrated in Israel. Later they did the King David Hotel. Can you feel the love?
U.S. consul General Robert Macatee sent a delegation to the Jewish Agency official Golda Meir, asking her to take special care to protect our own consular people.
He did not know then that the Haganah terrorist group had blown up the hotel, and that Golda was a member. Israel has a long history of elevating their terrorists to top political positions.
Digging out the dead from the Semiramis Hotel
Later, the new American consul Thomas Wasson began reporting things like the Zionists using Red Cross convoys as screens for moving weapons and ammunition around…and that Israeli soldiers were firing on Arab positions from the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. Nasty, nasty.
American media like the New York Times censored out the weapons and ammunition part of the story, spinning it like a wanton murder of doctors and nurses.
This particular attack had actually been in retribution for the Irgun’s Deir Yassin massacre in which 20 of Golda Meir’s Haganah people participated.
The Jewish Agency had refused the pleas of the Red Cross to remove their troops from the Hadassah Hospital, despite the Arab League’s agreeing to allow unarmed soldiers to remain.
The unfortunate Consul Wasson was assassinated by a sniper soon after, the first of many Israeli killings of American personnel while enjoying American aide.

Any Jewish Agency friendship toward America at the time was just a pretext to get desperately needed financial, and military aid if they could.
The Zios played the Americans off against the Soviets, a game they became even more adept at as the decades went by with the Jonathan Pollard spy case being their peak until they had our Congress performing like trained seals.
The American public never knew that the Zionist main military logistics bases for training and resupply for the 1948 war were in Czechoslovakia with the Soviets supporting them. This included weapons and motor pool maintenance, medical staff, and refurbishing their fast growing air force with all foreign pilots.
At one point American pilots and mechanics were flying all the Czech made arms shipments down to Lebanon for the Israelis. Many of these were personally observed by our Military Attache there.

Besides paying in gold and hard currencies which the post WWII Czechs needed, the Zios also traded espionage goods through them back to the Soviets. Their biggest coup at the time against America was delivering a new U.S Army jeep mounted radar system which the Soviets were just thrilled to get. Disloyal American Jews handled the stateside theft.
As for violations of illegal arms imports, these were huge and all tracked by American intelligence. In June of 1948, the U.S. Military Attache reported a Begian firm’s preparing to export 10 tanks, 26 U.S. armored cars, and 64 halftracks.
The FBI has never busted a single Israeli spy ‘network’. Political obstruction of justice prevents them from doing so as a lot of high political figures would be convicted of treason.
The FBI collected tens of thousands of pages of field reports on these shipments. Some of them were organized by American state governors aiding the Zios for their own personal financial and political benefit, despite their being in violation of American law.
This corruption continues on today with our own Congress effectively being an occupied territorial cow for the Israeli Lobby to milk at will, and they do, they do.
As the Cold War was heating up, the Zionists got very good political advice on how they could scare the Americans into thinking the Soviets might take over Palestine using the Zios if the U.S. did not get their own aid program in action.
We have seen the same treachery play out over and over, in Iraq with the bogus WMD tales, an invention of Israeli Intel and their NeoCon partners. We now have the bogus threat of Iranian nuclear weapons programs, which has kept oil prices way above recession level rates, making us all
‘Petro-Palestinians’. Think about that for a moment. Who would do such a horrible thing?
All this continues on with Israel sitting smugly back enjoying U.S. military funding of nuclear bomb proof facilities for their nukes and air force command staff. You can add to that our Patriot missile batteries, each shot costing the Amerian taxpayers $3 million while their kids are on food stamps.
This is a national disgrace, with treason being committed against the country right out in the open, behind the scenes in the halls of Congress and sometimes even in the White House.
Veterans Today has verified through multiple sources that Israel had at least one top spy on the Bush National Security Council. That particular investigation was stopped, which would indicate that Bush had approved the Israelis being given top secret information, but why?
More to come on all this.
( Originally published on Press TV  December 17th, 2012 ).

RIP censored 29 December 2012 II

If you want to know who your real rulers are find out who you can't tell the truth about.

1938 The zionist war on the world is decided
Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955) Tuesday 4 January 1938
Financial War Planned Against Anti-Semitic States £500,000,000 Fund to be Raised
'Jewry, faced with persecution in Poland, Rumania, Germany, Austria, and elsewhere, intends to hit back,' says the 'Sunday Chronicle,' according to a cable dated London, January 2. 'The battle will be fought on the anti-Semitic States are burdened with debts, and they may find their very existence threatened. 'The leaders of international Jewry will meet in a village near Geneva this week to plan a fund of £500,000,000 with which to fight the persecutors of Jewish financiers in all parts of the world. 'No difficulty is expected in raising such a fund, which, combined with a trade boycott, will enable the launching a counter-offensive, in which the Jewish persecutors may be defeated.'
The zionist war on the world continues today via the US, UK, FR.

1940 How was it different to the present?
Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954) Friday 14 June 1940
(To the Editor)
Sir, — As discussion on the above subject seems to be petering out, I would like to introduce fresh thoughts to revive interest. It has been suggested by undisputed authorities that this particular subject can not be adequately dealt with without a preliminary close study of the Jewish question. A Jewish journal 'published in America, and exclusive to Jews, recently boasted that the Jews had as their representatives Molotov in Russia, Blum in France, Hore Belisha in England, and Dr. Schacht in Germany. Other documents in evidence show that these men have been the instruments used for the establishment of a finance-controlled Jewish world state. Julius Strecher, the Jew baiter of Germany, is alleged to have said, "A Jewish doctor is a Jew, a Jewish merchant is a Jew, but a Jewish banker is a banker."
This may explain why Jewish bankers have not been hounded from Germany, and the Jewish Dr. Schact is still the financial dictator of that country, imposing a social credit system of banking for war purposes. It may also throw light on the fact that every member of the Russian Kremlin is a Jew, except Stalin — and he is married to one.
The question arises, 'Why were Jews hounded from Germany at all?' The answer is to be found in the results achieved. The German Jewish refugees are not so suspect in the countries that give them sanctuary as are plain Fifth Columnists, and a Jew will do anything for money. In the countries that are adopting them, some no doubt earn their living by collecting vital information for the German Secret Service. They also form excellent screens for Fifth Columnists, for how can the genuine refugee be distinguished from the Fifth Columnist — especially if both possess a dash of Jewish blood?
Jewish refugees have formed the advance columns of the marauders in all countries invaded by Germany, providing the opportunity for Fifth Columnists to enter. In England and Australia we have this same problem to face. We must not only check the Fifth Columnist, but must also watch the German Jewish 'refugee' who may' be tempted to sell information to the enemy. The Allies have dispensed with Hore Belisha and Blum, while England is belatedly jettisoning her Jewish financial system, and replacing it with a Government controlled credit system.
There is a great deal of evidence to show that our Sherman banking system was fitted to the Anglo Saxon race by the Jews for the purpose of weakening our race in order to make us conquerable. The Jewish pogroms were the next step in the plot of conquest. The two facts that the British House of Commons is to control banking, and the Jewish 'refugees' are to be closely watched, leads me to believe that England is at last awake to the Communo-German-Jewish power seekers, and that this same unholy trinity may yet have another think coming. It is to be hoped our Federal Government will wake up to banking as quickly as it is waking up to the Fifth Column.
Australia's greatest internal enemy to-day is that section that seeks to perpetuate the Jewish system of banking, which has left us almost bankrupt as a nation, and in no way prepared to fight a defensive war. The hatred of the British by Jewry arises from our tolerance of Christianity in general, and the Catholic Faith in particular, for the genuine Jew is an unrelenting Christ hater.
Yours, etc., M. H. HUNGERFORD.

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Save these page, they probably won't stay long. Freedom of speech is vanishing fast.
Zionism 101 – The Complete Story

Israel did 9/11, ALL THE [circumstantial] PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

No genetic connection of Euro Jews to Israel
"Israeli" Haaretz newspaper reported from genetics researcher Dr. Aran al-Hayak that research reached an answer on the most controversial issue in history; the origin of Jews.
Dr. al-Hayak accentuated, "This research is the first that proposes a comprehensive theory clarifying the contradictive efforts exerted regarding this issue."
Al-Hayak, residing in Maryland, USA, performed his genetics research in Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore. Those who read his research stated it to be "the most profound research that dealt with the Jewish origin."
The theory stated that "Europe Jews are of Khazar origin, and Jews living in Europe and [occupied Palestine] have Khazar ansectors."
[...] According to this theory, the exodus from The Kingdom of Judah (South West Bank today) and Jews' nostalgia is but a myth. Final conclusion: There is no Jewish nation.
As to other non-European Jews, al-Hayak stated, "There are no blood-relations between them and European Jews."

I have no problem with the existence of Israel, a fait accompli. People born there have a right to be there as have those that have lived there throughout history. I have no problem with anyone's belief in a divine entity. I do have a problem with zionist warmongers and manipulators of governments, economies and business, especially the financial sector.

436 Quotes By and About Jews 1 of 6 

RIP censored 29 December 2012 -III

If you want to know who your real rulers are find out who you can't tell the truth about.

This is what the pretend jews use to advance their plans that have little to do with religion, beyond it being a means. Lies and deceit, theft and mayhem, death and destruction to gain advantage are not the tools of honourable people or adherents of religion - except one.
The development of the talmudic following used in the luciferian zionist destruction of civilisation is documented. 

Douglas Reed

The Controversy of Zion

A Summary

by Knud Eriksen, 1998

In the foreword to the 1985-edition of Douglas Reeds book, the author Ivor Benson describes, how the intervening years from 1956, when the book was completed, until 1985, have confirmed Douglas Reeds interpretation of the past 2.000 years of history in every way. He covers the continued role of the Middle East as the tinderbox, that can become the cause of the next world war, and the continued suppression and misrepresentation, in the media, of all news and discussion.

It was only the few who knew the background of talmudic Zionism and Communism, who had a chance to understand such decisive events as the so-called “Six-days-war” and the later massive invasion of Lebanon i 1982. The invasion was supposed to do away with the PLO, it was said, but in reality it was simply a part of the old Great-Israel-plan (Eretz-Israel). Just as is today's invasion of Iraq.

The worlds pro-israeli mass media picture of Israel as a small, innocent democracy, which was constantly in need of help, became more and more untrustworthy, so not many were surprised, when the English Institute of Strategic Studies could report, that Israel had become the worlds fourth greatest military power after The United States, Soviet and China, but way ahead of nations like England and France. After the fall of the Soviet Union, this country, with a population about the same size as the tiny danish one, may even have risen further on this top-4-list!

The change in the reactions of the Jews themselves at this time - 1982 - was significant: After the massacre of 1.500 men, women and children in two palestinian refugee-camps in Beirut, the Western media timidly withheld comments, while 350.000 inhabitants of Tel Aviv protested against their own government.

Douglas Reed seems to have foreseen this development also, for among the last words in his book – from 1956 – are the following: “I think, that the Jews of the world are beginning to realize the wrong of revolutionary Zionism, the twin of the other destructive movement, Communism, and that towards the end of this 20th Century they will finally have decided to join in the ranks of mankind.”

The book starts out with a 1789-quotation from the philosopher Edmund Burke who, in Reflections on the Revolution, directed a literary attack on the French Revolution:

“Something has happened which it is hard to speak about and impossible to keep silent about.”

World Revolution, Zionism and World Government

The World Revolution, which in this century (20th) has destroyed human civilization to an unheard of degree - so far - was only one of the two revolutionary movements, which spead like an epidemic pest over the world from the same week in October 1917. Both sprang from talmudic-lead Eastern Jews. The World Revolution has been the climax, so far, of judaic world conquest. The defeat of the Revolution is only apparent. Its destructive effect continues a bit more covertly without Soviet, but still with China as an example of this type of terror-lead slavesociety, and with judaic agents solidly placed on the most important posts in the world. All the “spiritual values” continue, as f.ex. also in the EU.

And its twin, Revolutionary Zionism, grows ever stronger towards the envisioned Eretz-Israel - Great Israel, which is to stretch from the Nile to the Eufrat in the whole “original area”, with all the”Jews” of the world brought together there, and with Jerusalem as the world capital and centre of the “World Peace of the World Government”.

Everything is supported by the Pentateuch of the Old Testament, supplemented by the Talmud, concerning the predestination of the “Chosen People” to exterminate or subjugate all other nations. Among the Zionist leaders this is taken one hundred percent seriously. Like a military operation the two groups work together with incredible synchronisation towards the all-domineering World Government. It will not be long before it becomes a reality. We see it happening every day: UN, NATO, EU, WTO, International Treaties and Conventions, International Courts with transnational jurisdiction and the hundreds- even thousands - of international mergers and take-overs in business.

Also the idea of world government has its background in The Old Testament and the Talmud. It is “The Chosen People”, which arranges matters according to the text, with the rest of the world as slaves. The greatest achievements of both movements took place in the periods of confusion close to the end of-, and right after the two worlds wars, which were started by the leaders of these two movements. Only the Revolution and Zionism came out as winners after the two global wars, with their inconcievable suffering.

Victors in the first global war

After the First World War the Revolution was fixed in Russia with terror and extermination of all “classes” down to - and including - the culac, a farmer with 3 cows. It was an almost exclusively Jewish government, which wielded this terror. It was to last for 70 years, with roughly 20 million murders on its conscience (And Communism worldwide a total of 100 million).

Although western media, especially from 1952 on, carried on about “anti-semitism” in the Soviet, this was never anything but bluff, because these Soviet Jewish leaders simply got cold feet as the reign of terror came to be known as the Empire of Evil. In reality it was only different fractions fighting each other. The most obvious “Jewish” representatives were withdrawn, but the power structure, especially in the secret police, that had the decisive power, remained “Jewish”. “Anti-semitism” was severely punished (right up until the fall of the Soviet Union, and possibly still is) and was therefore quite unthinkable.

Right after the Revolution there was a death penalty for being in possession of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, which was appearantly one of the “Jews’” plans for world conquest through revolution, and for breaking down Christian countires. 

At the same time Zionism, with the Balfour-Declaration of October 1917, had obtained a promise from Great Britain, in return for bringing The United States into the World War, to give to the Jews “a national home” in Palestine.

Slowly the pressure on the politicians of the West was increased, in order to make this a reality. Especially on the American ones, who were surrounded by Jewish “advisers”, and the immigration to the area increased enormously by the miraculous remedy of “Anti-semitism”, combined with the support of jewish tycoons and western pro-Zionist leaders in the inter-war period.

And the League of Nations became the first core of the World Government, also with Zionists on high posts, pulling strings.

And in the next global war..........

In the same way it was only these three movements – Communism, Zionism, and World Government, that profited from the suffering and destruction of the Second World War. The Western Powers helped the World Revolution to entrench itself deep in Europe.

General Eisenhower ordered the Western generals to stop at a line Vienna-Berlin. All of the Eastern European countries, the “liberation” of which had supposedly been what the whole war was all about, were sacrificed to the revolutionary terror at the Yalta-conference.

At first Zionism supported Hitler financially and with a hesitant or even obliging press. Then, in 1933, it declared Holy War on him.

Zionists obtained so much compassion for Jews after the persecution and the much-advertised extermination, that the world powers and the populations of the West accepted a division of Palestine and the “re-settling” of Jews in the area. The arabs were deliberately sacrificed, and this started one of our times’ most dangerous anti-Western hate-waves – strongly maintained ever since.

Reed gives many examples of the “special sufferings” of the Jews during the war being only media-fabricated lies. In ratio to their numbers they didn’t suffer any more or any less than other people, but this was an example of the phenomenon, that everything must focus on Jews. Other peoples have suffered far more, numerically. At the end of the war, and shortly thereafter, Zionists received enormous loads of weapons from the Soviet Union. And several hundred thousands of Jews emigrated from a country, which no-one else could get out of, so that soon they became a well-armed majority, being able to drive the original population away by Old Testament terror. The result was 600.000 miserable refugees.

The United Nations, which was originally planned and organized by Alger Hiss and and the Jew Harry Dexter White, both later exposed as communist spies, was to become a temporary climax of a judaic-dominated World Government. It’s many ramifications all had as their most important purpose to reduce the sovereign nations to municipalities, and to give unlimited power to the organisation itself. Naturally in order to “secure peace”, just like the League of Nations. For many years the organisation was communist-dominated, and its many condemnations of israeli terror were never followed up by action.

The unconditional support from Western leaders for an ever-growing Great-Israel leads towards a World Government with-, or without a Third World War. Israel’s open nationalism and racism gets no serious criticism from a Zionist-dominated “public opinion”. The West is closing down its own states as “antiquated”, and they are more and more under the control of the swelling international organisations, dominated by “Jewish” agents. The pattern of setting Western powers up against each other and letting them bleed to death, is now worked in thoroughly, and has become almost an exact science.

The “Jewish Agents” of the West, who are working for either Zionist or Communist success, are now behaving in an unrestrained, treasonable manner and quite in accordance with “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” for destruction of “Christian Nations”. A Third World War could be the third act, which these forces consider necessary to gain complete control in the ensuing need and confusion.

Sacrificing many of their “own people” has been acceptable, even necessary, before, in order to maintain a government based on fear, and also for populating Israel through manufactured “anti-semitism”.

And then we get the war ... unless enough people, the world over, wake up and pull the war-mongers away from the “handle for the big bang.”

The history of the previous 2.000 years

The author supports his arguments by quoting statements, writings and actions made by “Jews”. The desciption of the development of Zionism, in the last Century, for instance, focuses on Chaim Weizmann, who was a key figure in the political Zionist intrigues, and who became the first president of Israel. A special source is Weizmanns auto-biography from 1949, Trial and Error.

The Jewish background of Communism and World Revolution is a fact, and enormous amounts of money have been spent exactly to try to hide this. Probably no other secret has cost as much to maintain. But Jewish sources exist, that admit it. Both Jewish historians, communist leaders, newspaper articles and reports from the time of The Revolution are used as source material.

As to the longer historical perspective, Reed particularly supports his arguments by reference to the stongly Zionist historian, Dr. Josef Kastein, whose book, History and Destiny of the Jews, appeared in 1933. However, he also uses many other sources, all mentioned in the bibliography in the book. Kasteins book covers the same time-span as “The Controversy”, and much information in Dr. Kasteins book can be taken as direct evidence of Douglas Reeds conclusions.

The Master Race

The misery began in the year 458 b.C., when a small tribe in the old Judea accepted a creed based on race. The tribe had previously been expelled by the Israelites for such racism. This seemingly unimportant event has probably caused more destruction for Mankind than both the existence of explosives and epidemics. The tribe adapted the creed of the Master Race as nothing less than “The Law”.

The Judeans were a small tribe under the Persian king. The creed of Judaism was not the beginning of monotheism, as has been propagated. Monotheism dates all the way back to The Egyptian Book of the Dead, 2.600 years b.C. and maybe even further. Judaism, on the contrary, was the exact anti-thesis, namely the worship of a racist tribal god.

“The Law” or “The Pact” was – and is – unique in being based on a statement from a tribal god, to the effect that his “chosen people”: “the Israelites” (in reality, the Judeans) would be set above all other peoples and settled in a “promised land”, if only they would stick to all of his rules and judgements. If Jehova, then, was to be worshipped in a certain place, it followed, that when the worshippers were not actually in that place, they were being “persecuted”, in “captivity” and had to “destroy” the “strangers” that “kept them in captivity”. Only in this way was Jehova to be a god for all other peoples – as the punishing god, who punished his own people first – by a “captivity” among the heathens for their “transgressions against the law” and then, as by an exact script, punished the strangers by a predestined extermination, when “the chosen people” had followed all the rules to the letter.

It was probably not even a pact with the Judaeans, for according to “The Holy Scripture”, the pact was made with the Israelites, who had long since mingled with the rest of Mankind, and who have never known this racist creed as far as we know. The Jewish Encyclopaedia says, that the Judeans “probably were a non-Israeli tribe”. The Israelites turned away from the racism of the Judeans. The creed has gone down in history as having been created by the Levites from Judea.

What happened before 458 b.C. is mainly mythology, unlike the later, most important events. The written record predates 458 b.C. by a couple of centuries, when the Israelites rejected the Judeans. The history of Moses was taken by the Israelites from the widespread mythology, which goes all the way back to the history of the Babylonean king, Sargon the Elder, 2.000 years earlier. The ten commandments are much like similar commandments from the Egyptians, the Babyloneans and the Assyrians. These common ideas about one god for all mankind, the Levites, the rulers of Judea, then put in reverse, when they wrote down their laws. They founded the permanent counter-movement against all universal religions and identified the names Judea and Jews, with the doctrine of self-made separation from Mankind, racial hatred, murder in the name of religion, and revenge. Also the personification of treason, a Judas, was included right from the beginning of Judea.

The stories of Moses, leading a mass-exodus from Egypt, can not be true, even according to Dr. Kastein. It was invented, as a necessity, in order to fit into the pattern of “Jehovas revenge”, the destructive basic principle of Judaism.

The Israelites had, as the larger part of a segregated group of people, settled in the northern part of Canaan. In the south, sorrounded by the original canaanites, the tribe of Judah took shape. Thus the name “Judaism” and “Jew”.

This tribe was isolated from-, and did not get along well with, the neighbours, right from the start. There is much mystery concerning it, including its beginnings. It seems more to have been expelled than chosen. And in the following editions of “The Holy Scriptures”, written by their scribes, who wrote whatever suited them arose, in the course of the centuries, and in more and more places, the commands “destroy completely”, “tear down”, “exterminate” etc.

The Israelites had withdrawn, then, from the Judeans’ racist beliefs and had mingled with the rest of Mankind. They “disappeared” in this way as a separate people, while the Judeans kept to themselves by strict racial laws.

In the course of time these were further sharpened and expanded to regulate even the most trivial daily details. The punishments for breaking the laws were severe, and common “Jews” came completely under the control of the scribes. It was this spiritual ghetto, which became the forerunner for the physical ghetto and for the antagonism and exclusion by others, of the Jews, as a retribution. 

Talmud and Treason

In the Babylonean “captivity” the scribes added four “Mose”-books to the 5th, which had been the first. They expanded, in this way, further the intolerant racial religion, which would keep the Jews separated from the rest of mankind forever, if it could be enforced. And in Babylon they found the means. The religious leaders actually succeeded in keeping their congregation completely separated from the surroundings. They obtained authority with those, who kept them “in captivity” for use against “their own”, and finally, in the year 536 b.C., to show their gratitude, they destroyed the entire host-country through treason, through the help of the army of a new ruler, king Cyprus of Persia, who, in turn, they then destroyed etc……..the well-known pattern, which was later perfected and used, among many other occasions, in the two world wars in The 20th Century. “The Jews”, by the way, at least the leaders, had a fine time in Babylon, according to Dr. Kastein. They were completely free. The narrative of the destruction of Babylon created an image of an irresistible destructive power. This was another pattern, which was further expanded by the scribes.

Treason was always the return for hospitality. According to Dr. Kastein, the Jews were instrumental in the destruction of the Babyloneans, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Each time by “streching out open arms” to a conqueror.

This situation has continued up through the centuries. Simultaneously, the chains of the common Jews were tightened more and more, and from the time of Jesus the Talmud had been developed, as a collection of scriptures, which contain rules of conduct for everything, particularly directed against Christianity. The new religion of tolerance, which was the direct opposite of the Levitical racial hatred, constituted the worst danger for the scribes - that of loosing their grip on the congregation. If the many Jewish rules of conduct were broken, this was punished severely, even by death. The Jewish authorities held the common Jews in a grip of terror by means of an authority, given them by the “Christian” rulers. After Rome had lost its patience with the Jews, Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 70 and the Jews were scattered in the surrounding countries.


The world leadership in Judaism, which in Jerusalem was called the Sanhedrin, “the wise men of Zion”, moved around during the next centuries, as a mobile government with incredible power over the scattered congregations. After the destruction of Jerusalem the headquarters were moved to Jamnia, where it remained for about 100 years. Thereafter it was Usha in Galilea, then, as always because of “persecution”, it moved back to Sura in Babylon. For 600 years the world leadership remained in Jamnia, Usha and Galilea, in the oriental climate, where it belonged. When the world center was then moved to Spain, as a result of the moslem conquests (!) a long painful coexistence with the Christian countries began, in which the “oriental” mentality was not understood and appreciated. These sufferings are about to destroy the West in our time.

Treason in “Spanish”

In the Christian Spain treason was repeated. As in Babylon and Egypt the Jews turned against the people among whom they lived. They opened the gates of the city for the conquerors and was thereafter given custody of the raped city by the moslems ... against whom they also turned in the end. Once more they were thrown out for bad behaviour, in 1492. They obviously were identified with the moslem conquerors and thrown out together with them. Among the worst “persecutions” they had had to endure, was being forbidden to keep slaves! (prof. Graetz): “hereafter the Jews could neither buy Christians as slaves nor recieve them as presents.” 

They had, by this time, been in Spain for 800 years. Most of them went back to Northern Africa, from where they had come, or they went to Egypt, Palestine, Italy, The greek Islands and Turkey. Other colonies had arisen in France, Germany, Holland and England, and these also recieved some of the expelled. Wherever they settled down, the religious leaders always had the local prince help them retain power over their congragation. Total power. Some of these Jews became very wealthy and they particularly developed loan capitalism as their power base. They lent large sums to extravagant princes, and in return for these recieved many privileges as court Jews. The best known representative for this money-power was the Rotschild family, which in the 19th century had become the real rulers of Europe.

Then the world leadership of Judaism was then moved to Poland.

The Chazars

This is one of the central mysteries. Why Poland? There was no information about any considerable part of the Spanish Jews having moved to Poland, or information that any earlier mass-immigration of Jews into Poland had taken place. In the 15-hundreds a (Jewish) population, counting millions, suddenly arose (Dr. Kastein). But populations of millions do not suddenly arise, and Dr. Kastein evades the question. Behind this suppressed knowledge lies the key to understanding the following history of Zionism. The Jewish headquarter was established amidst these so-called Eastern Jews, of whom even the Western Jews had, until then, only heard rumors, and of which the rest of the world knew nothing. From then on they took over the leadership of World Judaism. They were descendants of the Chazars, a people of Turkish-mongoloid origin, who had converted to Judaism around the 7th Century a.C. From here an even harsher segregation was ordered by “the wise ones”. Meanwhile, the western Jews were slowly becoming “assimilated” in the Western European population, especially after the legislation that followed the French Revolution, which gradually gave them full civil rights. This eastern group gradually took over the leadership of “Judaism” to such a degree, that the Jewish “statistics” – which by the way have always been quite untrustworthy – practically let them disappear. Today eastern Jews constitute at least 90 % of all Jews, according to these statistics, both in Israel and in the rest of the world.

The western Jews who, by using fantasy and a maximum of twisting of truth, claimed to have once lived in Palestine, were slowly becoming assimilated, after having been thrown out of Spain, and almost “disappeared” as en entity. In their stead appeared the Eastern Jews, an Asian people, which had never had the slightest connection with Palestine.

And, suddenly, also the the world headquarters of the Jews disappeared. According to Dr. Kastein it “ceased to exist”.

World Government without Address

There was, however, not much indication that this was so. But it became secret after 1772, when Poland was divided, and the larger part of the Jews came under Russian rule. Such a world headquarter had existed for over 2.500 years, and now it was supposed to have suddenly disappeared. It could, nevertheless, be assembled, when Napoleon called in “The great Sanhedrin” in 1807, in order to get clarity concerning the loyalty of French Jews or lack of same. Dr. Kastein, himself, reveals joyfully, that “in the 19th Century a Jewish International took shape”.

The 19th Century belonged to the revolutionary conspiracies of both Zionism and Communism, which unfolded in the 20th Century. It was also in that Century, that the physical ghetto was replaced by a mental one: the fear of “Antisemitism”. In Jewish families, the question was whether to further Revolutionary Communism or Revolutionary Zionism (Weizmann). It ended up being both. Communism should tear down all nations. Zionism should establish one. A World Government without an address was becoming a fashion, which has been followed undeviatingly all through the 20th Century.

World Revolution and Master Race

The British statesman, Benjamin Disraeli (a baptised Jew) said, that Jews were behind all the revolutions in the middle of the Century (from 1848), and there was significant participation by Jews also in the French Revolution. However, according to Reed, no Jewish leadership of the initial intrigues has been traced. It was secret societies, especially the Jacobins, who played the leading part, and these could be traced back to the German professor Adam Weishaupt, who in 1776 founded the Illuminati, a secret society, directed against all Christian authorities. Soon it had infiltrated all of the European freemasonry and it then went on to America. The conspiracy of the Illuminati, which was accidentally revealed by the Bavarian government in 1787, contained almost, word by word, the same text in their program as the later “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (Nesta Webster) and it was clearly recognizable in the theories of the Russian Revolution. The “Russian” Revolution was the first, which was Jewish without any doubt (around 90% of the leaders were Jews) and this revolution, along with the First World War was the first clear evidence, that “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” were being followed literally in the major events of the world. 

Reed gives several other examples of this script being an exact prophecy for the nearest future or a frightening plan for world conquest. (See Chapter “The Protocols”, in Reeds book and the whole text of the Protocols under "Links" and "More"). It may never be proven, whether they are “Jewish” or not. More importantly, Reed frequently points out, that it has been mostly Jewish dissidents, who have warned against them. He mentions several. But the details of the World Government are being put in place day after day.

Knud Bjeld Eriksen, February 6., 1998

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Thanks to Iris for telling me about this. It fills in a lot of gaps. Esp. the zionist talmud adherents' "holy laws" that were created by the cult leaders - 'politicians' of the time.