September 25th, 2012

Finger puppetry

Bilderberg's 2 fingers to the UK - Cameron-Hague

UK may equip Syria terrorists with arms
Speaking at the Commons Foreign Affairs committee, William Hague claimed that Britain has not sent weapons to Syria so far but said, “I don't rule out any option in the future because we don't know how the situation will develop”.
Hague’s claim contradicts Syrian terrorists’ admission earlier that certain western states were already supplying military communications technology, body armour and night-vision goggles to them, and they were beginning to send in lethal arms
Meanwhile, there were reports confirming that British troops and spying agents were already on the ground helping terrorists in their fight against the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.
PressTV -
"...British troops and spying agents were already on the ground helping" I'd say that was lethal aid, apart from contravening UK, Syrian and international law and UN regs. "... goggles to them" Who are "them"?

Obama, (bilderberger Soros' Council on Foreign Relations finger puppet), admits the US is helping people likely to be hostile to the US. Aiding and abetting terrorists should see him in Guantanamo along with the entire CFR and much of the CIA-NSA and Pentagon leadership for plotting against the US.

The US et al are fighting AQ franchises in Yemen according to popular media. Of course the US media reports only what it is allowed to by bilderberg participant owners and editors.
The zionist bilderberg leaders have adopted an aging (CoR) US military plan for a greater Middle East (governed by the zionist Israeli admin) that requires the elimination of opposition such as seen in Libya (with the elimination of the participatory democracy gov't) and Egypt, ongoing against the Syrian secular gov't, Hizbollah admin in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, with Iran and Pakistan being the main targets with left-overs such as Algeria, Turkey and brutal regimes like Saudi, Qatar etc. to be "mopped up" when convenient. The BRICs (SA won't hold out against the biderberg plan) to be isolated by alienation, the lead up to minor aggression against China has already begun.

So which side is the US on in Yemen?

S. Yemen, the US (CIA-NASTO) and KSA have rented 5000 AQ franchise terrorists to fight in the terrorist war against Syria on the side of the Rothschild-Rockefeller bilderberg mafia (fronted by Clinton-Obama-Power-Rice-CFR, Cameron-Hague-Chatham-House, Hollande, Sarkozy and his puffoon).

U.S.-Saudi agreement: 5,000 Yemeni Al-Qaeda jihadists to be sent to Syria
Source - VoltaireNet
Five thousand Al-Qaeda jihadists will be sent to Syria, according to an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia and the head of the Yemeni branch of the jihadist group, which is classified as a terrorist organization in Washington.
Online information in the region provided by Yemeni website and Iranian news agency Al Alam says that representatives of the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement with jihadist Tariq al-Fadhli (pictured in black shirt and with gun belt) who is said to have been a comrade of Osama bin Laden, to deploy 5,000 jihadists to Syria from the city of Ja'ar y Zinjibar in southern Yemen.

Are the Syrian conscripts up to the job?
1500 killed in Damascus, dozens annihilated in Homs (reported Sunday)

IMO. Cameo-Hague should be tried for treason. MI5 and 6 and UK military leaders need to be asked about their role in destroying Libya and ongoing training of jihadists around Syria with the specific purpose of destroying Syria, they should face at least a public inquiry.

The UN should list the US regime and CFR as a terrorist organisation. If the UK puppets continue to enlist the UK in aiding the US in state terrorism, they should also be listed.

Mass Grave in Damascus… 1000 Gunmen to rescue al-Khaledia militants
[...] In Damascus, SANA stated that a unit of Syria Arab Army has found a mass grave in al-Qadam area.
The Mass Grave includes 25 chained blindfolded bodies of Syrian citizens of who’d abducted earlier and killed by the members of Armed Groups have been found.
UN is so far silent.

Shaming UK TUs? -
WFTU calls for ending Foreign Interference in Syria
The General-Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions called for stopping foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
In a message conveyed to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the secretariat expressed regret over the flagrant and continued interference against Syria and its people. The secretariat also condemned sending weapons and money by kings and emirs to Syria with the aim of killing the Syrians.
WFTU, which represents 82 million members in the world, considers the imperialist interference as a crime. The UN assumes a big responsibility as it is glossing over these practices, the message stipulated. The secretariat stressed the need to stop foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
The organization added that the majority of people realize that the true reason of the imperialist aggression is petroleum and gas.
[Add to that  central bank ambitions, strategic considerations in the continued aggression targetting (at least non BRIC) US world hegemony on behalf of the bankster families' ambition to control the world and not forgetting Syrian importance to the CIA wrt the drug traffic route to Europe. (Is it really possible to send drugs down the oil pipelines?)]

The CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia
To mark the release of the French version of Peter Dale Scott’s latest book, "The U.S. War Machine", we are publishing a detailed study undertaken by this Canadian diplomat on the attacks of September 11. He brings to light evidence of premeditation on the part of a faction within the U.S. military-industrial complex.

Japan uses water cannons against Taiwanese flotilla
Japan’s coastguard vessels have used water cannons in an effort to push the Taiwanese flotilla out of what Tokyo claims to be its territorial waters near the disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Iran showcases new military might
Tehran has unveiled its latest military technological advancement demonstrating its readiness to fend-off any military threats. Amid threats of imminent retaliation, Iran revealed on Monday its advanced drones and also test-launched new missiles.

Gov't against the people -
Obama wins right to indefinitely detain Americans under NDAA ! (19 Sep)
If they aren't on his kill list.

Solyndra 2.0? Obama administration to give millions to solar panel producer
SoloPower, a small solar power start-up company, is eligible for a $197 million federal loan guarantee awarded under the same government program that gave $535 million to the failed panel maker Solyndra.
Obama shafting the US taxpayers and energy end-users. Yet again.