October 19th, 2011

Libyagate: Selected twits, Oct 19

[Midnight uk]
---Report Baniwalid : Hundreds of Rebels have been killed. and Baniwalid has refused the talks with the NTC ALQAEDA

---Report Benghazi : 50 rebels were killed by Rocket attack on Airport Road. Convoy traveling To airport was hit by rockets and small arms fire

Dronemurder Not much by MSM about [16 y.o.] Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, wrongly reported as 21 and falsely that he was killed with 8 "al-Qaeda militants"

[1am uk]
NTC of USA: OccupyWallStNYC: One protester's sign reads, "Party's over you lying Sac... http://t.co/HrfJ5q9Y

The NTC are declared as a racists, who under NATO’s cover have hunted down and murdered thousands - AU http://t.co/QxYhfQ37

The real pictures from NTC 'liberated' towns  http://t.co/38675lRI

US is officially a fascist state | http://t.co/fM3qZTGZ
[In line with the UK, EU's EC, Canada and Israel]

Mathaba News Real http://t.co/WeZn1Epa

But where is Clinton ? Nothing in the clip to identify Libya - which is suspicious: probably the Qatar stage-set.

Fact Check : UN has never prevented any war and never stopped z****st killers. UN is tool of super powers to make genocide look legal [UN is tool of usurers]

Fact Check : media tells that World is "overpopulated" this in fact is a lie. Used by "elite" to genocide the poor that are depopulating [Planet can support 10 bil plus as of now. Under human management can support 40+ bil]

The bankers are calling themselves 'The New World Order' Yes, the terrorists want to clean the name & sell it to you, do you buy it?

As you 'the Tax Payers' sweat & slave we in Libya have Interest Rate set to 0.00%. Why do you think I am a [green] Revolutionary?

[2am uk]
Rothschild Borgia-Borghese "There are now only 5 nations on the world left without Rothschild controlled... http://t.co/moNHXOxE
[...government? ...armed services? ...police force? ...justice system? ...political system? ...drug mafia? ...medicine mafia? ...arms dealer mafia? ..."contractor" companies? ...secret services? ...stock market? ...GM crop producers?]

IntelHub: Inhofe Defends Obama Sending 100 ‘Advisors’ To Uganda: The Intel Hub By Andrew W. Griffin –  http://t.co/KZMoo9aY

---Report Baniwalid :yesterday the Green resistance of Baniwalid have killed more then 1000 rebels. Confirmed by Rebel insider sources

---Report Sabha : The Green resistance of Sabha has killed 200 rebels and injured many more in large clashes at area near airport.

---Report Baniwalid : Today at night the Baniwalid Green resistance killed hundreds of rebels at outskirt desert and refused talks

Zintan brigades declared they want to kill Tripoli civilians on October 25. This could also be the last thing that pushes the people [the last straw]

Ron Paul to thunderous applause, US gov. should have bailed out millions of homeowners being foreclosed, not the money changer banks

US gov. spends over 9 billion per week, the vast amount is overseas US military funding and US defense related.

What a Show.. Clinton 'Cold Blooded Murderer of the Libyan People & Children' Arrives in Libya. http://t.co/CzSDQaO7 [or Saudi or Qatar]

---Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 19 http://t.co/8OQG1gZl

Corrupted GOP candidates on the z***st payroll all fine on forcing US taxpayers to give tiny Israel 3+Billion/Yr

The CIA and the Drug Trade (Eyeopener Preview) - YouTube
[transcript and sources: http://www.corbettreport.com/?...]

Of course I'm a threat 2 Western Leaders, I giv 2 ppl Oil wealth! Does America pay its ppl from Oil they steal?

Al-Mu'tasim Billah Al-Qaddafi to the People of the World http://t.co/6NsIbhQQ

Russian Government official said "NATO dropped more and larger bombs on Libya then the entire bombs used in the world war 2"

[3am uk]
Keiser Report: Live by Fraud, Die by Fraud (E198) - YouTube http://t.co/nLRi0ifK

AfriSynergy: Breaking News October 18, 2011 -- Libya, Qatar, Wall Street and War, 1 of 3 http://t.co/3iGU8saV

[4am uk]
Yemen protesters write names on their chests in case they're shot, while US drones kill teenagers. http://t.co/7ymYm7qt

---Sirte: If you can only see what I see! a 30 second hit scatter NTC rats like lost dogs. another 25 down  and yes Libya is in Africa

TomDispatch has identified 60 CIA drone operations bases which have remained unnoted, uncounted & remarkably anonymous. http://t.co/hEyOfuxu

Libya - UN ICC admits ZERO evidence!!! http://t.co/CPjv9ZdI

NewYorkTimes reported Blackwater (Xe) has taken over the task of arming Predator drones at CIA’s “hidden bases in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

US has the license to kill anyone it suspects, by remote controlled strikes anywhere on the planet - as long as they are brown/black.

Syria-Authorities in Idleb Seize Car loaded with weapons, arrest two persons http://t.co/T2E3gYdd

Syria-Head of National Initiative of Syrian Kurds: Conspiracy Aims at Subjugating Syrian People to US Will http://t.co/pevVOi4I

[5am uk]
---Fighting continued in Tripoli - a very unwelcome message to Hilary ~ OZYISM http://t.co/9ptJUX5H

Amnesty for Saleh Illegal: UN http://t.co/5mJT88gA

“In the name of the victims & in the name of our people, I call on you to take Saleh & his regime to the ICC.” TawakkulKarman
[(Does he have dark skin?) Sounds like Soros' NTC talking.]

Turkey Resumes Shelling as Five Iraqis Are Killed in Other Attacks http://t.co/ODabfoPF
...suspected Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) targets in Suleimaniya and Dohuk provinces
[Iraq border]

[6am uk]
Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses a couple alternative explanations of the Iranian assassination plot http://t.co/TIqZoXVC

Syria-Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International fan the flames of conflict in Syria http://t.co/JRs0aLPX

The Daily Star: Middle East: Clashes across Syria leave at least 41 dead http://t.co/w7rhDbmJ

Kosovo border dispute escalates - http://t.co/1KsedMUJ

Clashes on Serbia-Kosovo border: 10 wounded - http://t.co/d9agk4Fp

[7am uk]
Qatar's Huge Role in Libya Draws Concern http://t.co/L2r6LjPl
...The foreign military commander's [Maj. Gen. Hamad Ben Ali al-Attiyah -the chief of staff of the tiny Arab Gulf nation of Qatar] appearance in Tripoli, which one person familiar with the visit said caught Libya's interim leaders by surprise, is testament to Qatar's key role in helping to bring down Libya's strongman.
[My word. Apart from me, someone else noticed?]

It's dangerous for us all when half world's weapons r held by a nation whose pres candidate doesn't know Libya is in Africa. Esp. for Libya!

Germans Question Contract: France to Sell Frigates to Greece in Controversial Deal - Der Spiegel  http://t.co/sGwBnZgN
[Where is the cash from?]

Germany Now World's Third Largest Arms Exporter - Der Spiegel  http://t.co/0QjS64Wy

Sarkozy raises spectre of destruction of euro and Europe [i.e. the banksters' canker EU gov't]

Syria's uprising: A downward spiral - The Economist http://t.co/rJXac88E

British Foreign Secretary Hague: 'Nobody Controls the Internet' - Der Spiegel http://t.co/QvxoIZuX

Libya: more and more people in Libya questioning legitimacy of NATO-led rebels who with NATO are responsible for killing 100,000 Libyans.

CIA Wiretap Records Reveal Link: Nazi criminal Rademacher spied for West Germany  - Der Spiegel  - http://t.co/fbu5FGJ8

USA/Israeli agencys unleash Duqu Worm/Virus on PC's World-Wide to steal passwords,control of your computer http://t.co/YtM1JsPq

[8am uk]
NATO nearing decision to end Libya operation http://t.co/ZKjePti1

Senator: There Are Two Patriot Acts, And You Don't Know About One Of Them http://t.co/p3FngVaM - http://t.co/4GNzgFVr

Former Libyan PM Hospitalised in Tunisia: http://t.co/kim4EAFd

[9am uk]
Kurdish rebels kill 24 Turkish soldiers on the Iraqi border.

1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (Marine Wins) http://t.co/htWBX5yi

McCain's dad was in charge of USSLiberty cover-up; US has sold the Libya lie & now he wants an attack on Iran http://t.co/HD6zCpJn!

RT_com Nuclear Scarecrow: Iran guilty as charged without trial? http://t.co/So69o5ot

[10am uk]
VoltaireNet: US sells Israel-friendly jets to Turkey: A report has revealed that all the fighter jets p... http://t.co/ag2COeY1
...Turkey’s former ambassador to the US and Japan Sukru M. Elekdag pointed to a system called IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) that is loaded on planes sold by the US.

NATO 'protection of civilians' - propaganda and pretence to escape war crimes trials http://t.co/9i5UY13p

Saudi Blogger jailed 4 uploading a video on poverty in Saudi Arabia. This is the vid and it's translated into Eng http://t.co/g1w7IwLN

Col. Corvez: [CFR-CIA] Plot against Syria Targets its Regional Role http://t.co/iZdwt9zR

Syria- Michel Aoun: Situation in Syria improving. Foreign media publishing incorrect news about Syria http://t.co/HxcV2nDX

RT_com Cain and Romney caught in campaign cash scandal http://t.co/vwPCh6s0

[11am uk]
NATO losing infowar & jamming websites reporting defeat after defeat of fake Libya revolutionaries [aka rebels]

'Bank Transfer Day' gains momentum: money out of Big banks & into credit unions by 5 November Smacking the banks http://t.co/pn1DFiFA

[Midday uk]
RT_com North Korea's Kim Jong-il gives his first interview in 9 years to Russian news agency

Turkish planes bomb PKK bases in Iraq http://t.co/A0gJeOxH
[due to bombings in Turkey]

Day 214: 18. october 2011. Libya news http://t.co/Fjus76FO
02h/ Libya - NATO used FAE bomb "Fuel Air Explosive", nicknamed "poor man's atomic bomb" in Bani Walid - Algeria ISP / Zengtena as it is with real sadness to announce the death of 1200 civilians and patriotic in Bani Walid. The NATO planes bombed the area of the airport and the military factory with a bomb FAE "Fuel Air Explosive", nicknamed "poor man's atomic bomb." It's a scary bomb blast that sucked all the oxygen around the impact area of 2 square meters, and asphyxiating all patriots and civilians in this area.
LibyaSOS.blogspot.com - http://translate.google.com/....algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/...
[Yet another NATO atrocity - war crime.]
[Wiki [...] Further damage can result as the gases cool and pressure drops sharply, leading to a partial vacuum, powerful enough to cause physical damage to people and structures. This effect has given rise to the misnomer "vacuum bomb". Piston-type afterburning is also believed to occur in suchstructures, as flame-fronts accelerate through it
The overpressure within the detonation can reach 430 psi (3.0 megapascals) and the temperature can be 4,500 to 5,400 °F (2,500 to 3,000 °C). Outside the cloud the blast wave travels at over 2 miles per second (3.2 km/s)

[Also from Algeria ISP - Libya - Who will pay for the damage of Libya? translate.google.com/....algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/... ]

Update from Libya M Ibrahim - BaniWalid in Free Green control NTC ran away again - NATO still bombing  http://t.co/ccwKvbUd

An A bomb is believed to have been dropped in Basra, Iraq (report of high cancer level there + seismography).

[1pm uk]
---Sirte: Final assault, the fifth! http://t.co/Kmt0bjVt
[Will genocidal NATO FAE vacuum clean the place of living civilians, use imported mustard gas, try Anthrax again or stick to tried and tested DU tipped paveway bombs and carpet bombing? NATO is the pinnacle of sewage dredged from 40 nations. The biggest shits float to the top.]

RT_com Protesters and police clash amid largest Greek strike http://t.co/xa7WrSQ7

NATO Special Forces arrived to the front line in Libye. Invasion had begun! http://t.co/DBYqiQDN

Italian protesters get ready to defend themselves against Berlusconi http://t.co/4XySbDRL

US masses troops on pak border http://t.co/XHYfkyJV

"Unified militias" aka The Unified Libyan Jamahiriya a "Key Concern" - http://t.co/W7Ja7dTH

Another 18 innocent people massacred in Somalia by US Drones, but HRW and UN are so silent.

Young woman from Sabha: our greeting & support to our leader. RAToS attacked our homes, stole our money & insulted women. [s/b "assaulted women"?]

Afghanistan Resistance Reports 24 Hours to 19th Oct - YouTube http://t.co/W5bc9OAl [Morris]

mathaba [playing catch-up :) ] Libya: Rebels were planning to attack Misrata, Sirte with biological weapons: http://t.co/Fk3Xy9oj

[2pm uk]
RT_com Posing a threat: religious right object to raunchy robots http://t.co/lBw3AqNj
...A new advertising campaign in one of Moscow’s stores featuring anthropoid-shaped robots in ambiguous poses has been met with furious protests from a local far-right religious movement.

RT_com Obama's truck and teleprompters go missing http://t.co/jvV9dVZd
[US gov left speechless :) ]

Syria-A Number of terrorists arrested, RPG launchers and advanced machine guns seized in Homs http://t.co/r2pOwJwt

Huge Masses Flock to Saadallah al-Jabri Square in Aleppo to Voice Support to Syria's Independent Decision, Rejecting Foreign Interference

RussiaToday: Keiser Report Extra: Interview with Saifedean Ammous: http://t.co/szKQ22XE

I dont think she spoke in Tripoli! maybe Benghazi but Tripoli no chance! http://t.co/WUjRMffE
[The clinton woman]

Turkey falls from "moral" high-ground lecturing Syria as it butchers Kurds - not even in Turkey but in Iraq http://t.co/se2F9AvV UN =FRAUD

Sydney Sheikh confirmed Killed whilst killing Libyans in Libya 19.10.11 http://t.co/IIyYSEsv

In the Great UK, many people having to choose between 'eating and heating'...big problems to pay energy bills, help to pay them reduced

The ground is shaking under the NTC feet and they know it. NTC have to announce- soon, that they have... http://t.co/6vb06NOT

En Grèce, plus de 120 000 personnes dans les rues contre l'austérité http://t.co/DG8aLYS8

[3pm uk]
the Secret Relationship between the z****st LLHR and the Transitional Council!!! ALL WAS PLANNED! http://t.co/WNV9Thmi

NATO "very close" to ending Libya bombing http://t.co/kQEC3jTu
...First, that the U.S. has no intention of stepping up its role in the so-called humanitarian war [half of the flight missions, 1000s boots on the ground] – the first of its kind under Obama’s tenure – despite increasingly harsh ground conditions for the ‘ragtag’ rebels [mostly Qatari] in Misurata, Bengazi, Tripoli and Ajdabiya. [And throughout Libya] And second, that European military prowess has withered in the last two decades, resulting in a NATO that, without U.S. buttressing, is unlikely to see the kind of success the Libyan opposition hoped for.
[i.e. none.]

Government front group vows to abolish critical thinking http://t.co/vJYsQjJV - http://www.infowars.com/govern...

[4pm uk]
---Report Baniwalid : People of Baniwalid have captured large amount of Weapons and 7 tanks from NTC rebels as they retreated 6 kilometers.

---Report Sirte : the people of Sirte have pushed the rebels out of the Entire city including Abu hadi. rebels r now 4 kilometers at outskirts

---Rebel commander said "we will not celebrate Baniwalid" thats because he doesn't have it... NATO still hitting it... media spin falling apart

AfriSynergy: Breaking News October 18, 2011 -- Libya, Qatar, Wall Street and War, 2 of 3 http://t.co/w28dk3zP

Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So http://t.co/hlwT8z6f
[And stop paying them]

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines

Connections Between Al Qaeda And Libyan Rebels Run Deep http://t.co/RSTIjyVq

nsnbc Occupy Wall Street: A Trojan Horse for Nazi Revival http://t.co/wY33qqCj

Doug Schoen Grossly Misrepresents His Own Poll Results To Smear Occupy Wall Street http://t.co/sg89oHxH

A New Democracy Libya party has been made it calls for Assassination of Abd Jalil and Mahmoud Jibreel. It has support of many rebel brigades
[Now a clear cut 3 way - or 4 or 5 way battle for Libya. Bilderberkers spoilt for choice.]

Mayo Clinic Finds Massive Fraud in Cancer Research http://t.co/0Cr9hXKu

AFP: Petraeus denies imposing military view on CIA analysts http://t.co/nkwQjHw9

Rick Perry officials spark revolt after doctoring environment report. Guardian http://t.co/QDqRqkDx

US drops keeping troops in Iraq - News From AP http://t.co/FdEByHoW
...BAGHDAD (AP) -- The U.S. is abandoning plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline, The Associated Press has learned. The decision to pull out fully by January will effectively end more than eight years of U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, despite ongoing concerns about its security forces and the potential for instability.

But The President Says We\'re Not Engaged In Hostilities In Libya http://t.co/kcgIOvCP

Report Tripoli : people are preparing themselfs for october 25. the city is very tense. contant talk goes around about October 25

NTC of USA: Join the new politics on our official page: http://t.co/KvfKF8S2

US drone airstrike has killed at least 18 civilians and wounded 37 others in southern Somalia.

The NTC rats commander Abdul-Baset Karkout (a Misrata native) was killed in yesterday's battles in the western side of Sirt.

SYRIA-President al-Assad Specifies December 12th Date for Local Councils Elections http://t.co/mdkIcNPJ

[5pm uk]
Poor Herman of the west just as bad as the eu one that got ripped!... http://t.co/oBIDR4KO
...Ron Paul jumps on Herman Cain at the CNN debate in Las Vegas - this time over Cain’s comments about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Wall Street Insider: The Obama White House Wants Us Gone. All of Us.: Ulsterman Report (cont) http://t.co/dHfsPM4r

Al-Qaeda - The Mechanisms - The Inside Info. Morris http://t.co/xLt2DwGc

Monsanto has driven 8000 poor farmers into bankruptcy by aggressively enforcing its patents on human food.

Who is US Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford? The Covert Role of the US Embassy in Supporting an Armed Insurrection http://t.co/1UCaxUmu

RT_com Britain is rewriting its history http://t.co/NIZ0eShy
...When I first arrived to live in the UK, one of the things that struck me was the British people’s belief that the UK on its own (some would add with a bit of help from the US) won World War II. Every time I heard it, it made me choke. I was grateful my [Russian] grandparents had never heard it, believing till the last minute of their lives that the British were their allies in World War II, not realizing how much they were underappreciated by them. I do understand each country writes its own history, but what a sad history not to recognize the rest of the world’s
fight against Nazism and the suffering that it brought to millions on this planet. And so what a pleasant surprise it was for me to stumble
across a newly published book by British historian Max Hastings, “All Hell Let Loose,” that attempts to rewrite the history of World War II, putting everything in perspective and correcting nearly 70 years of mistaken beliefs. It is even more pleasing that the historian who decided to do it is arguably the most renowned and respectable historian in the UK. The first record that Hastings decides to put right is the role of the Soviet Union in the war. He fights the postwar myth of the British and American roles in the victory, pointing out that 90 percent of Nazi soldiers who died in combat were killed on the Eastern Front. The massive scale of death in the Soviet Union was also previously underestimated in the UK. Hastings reminds us that the city of Leningrad alone lost more people than the British and American armies combined.

Pls send all the vids with atrocities & crimes;to : infoATgenocideintervention.net (cont) http://t.co/92blFQjt

The Pentagon's "Salvador Option": The Deployment of Death Squads in Iraq and Syria http://t.co/mVGaepu0
[& Uganda / Libya?]

Obama condemns "outrageous terrorist attack against Turkey," vows to help Turks "defeat the terrorist threat from the PKK" [While the CIA sends them to Syria to support their terrorists already there.]

The NATO Killing Force says: 'Civilians in Libya are no longer under threat' (!) http://t.co/wrwq13Bu
[But they'll continue bombing them anyhow.]

Unofficial sources in Libya are reporting that the people of Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli were told to evacuate their cities before the 25th of October.
The message reportedly read:
"They didn't leave us a choice, we had the ability to destroy the airports, oil plants and civil structures when we were controlling them but we didn't, but now the tragedy have greatened and its our duty to change that.
They made us take a decision; what our armed people and fighters can do was unthinkable even to our enemies however with all the genocides and oppression one can only think to raise fire everywhere, its better than being raised on only one side. So on us and on our enemies.
For months and this massacre is wandering around a certain area and a certain group of the Libyan people, at a time there are cities sending its children to kill their fellow Libyans for the deconstruction and killings of the children, women and elderly. And it is not possible to stay silent about this for a long time...
Thats why we announce that the hour of punishment has come, and we take this decision announcing that we don't belong to any political side in the war, and we have denounced all our previous military positions; we are hereby taking this decision as humans who reached the end of the options and humanitarian power. We have lost our families and therefore we have nothing to be sorry for.
We swear that in a matter of days we will surprise the world in something that will be marked in the history of mankind for long. The time is the 25th of October; and thats why we ask anyone who lose a beloved person and anyone who is against oppression to leave the following cities by then: Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata.
And who warned is pardoned; and the free person doesn't betray innocent people no matter what."
Anonymous said...
As I said before, this message was sent to the people of Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata from an unknown source. I said at the beginning of the article that unofficial sources are claiming this message. I cannot prove it nor deny it. I just translated it from Arabic to English as I found it. And since the source says that it was announced to the people of the country, we have to reveal it cz if the poeple dont flee their cities there will be a huge number of killing if the cities were bombed.

At democracynow 'Clinton visits Libya to pledge Aid' & you present this sick perfidy without irony - whilst the US continues its illegal war?

Secret Libya War: U.S. Spent $1 Billion on Covert Ops Helping NATO http://t.co/oPlvybrq

Naturally abcnews & sbsnews will cover the huge Pro-Assad protests in Syria ....pwahahah!  http://t.co/IZSzLNw2

Jibril: "Gadhafi has two options: either to destabilize any new regime in Libya or to declare a separate state in the south'' TNC unfit

[6pm uk]
BBC News - Kosovo Serbs defy Nato demands over blockades http://t.co/FcHAKyL2

Nato troops in Kosovo raze 'illegal' Serbian barricade - Topix: http://t.co/Ho8K2FmI

Nato to continue mission of 'protecting civilians' - which includes on-going bombing and support for random 'rebel' shelling of Sirte

Nato to continue 'protecting civilians' - unless you are from Sirte or not direct NTC-sympathiser or one of now homeless exiled thousands

Clinton's creepy visit and 'promise of Aid' - whilst cluster-bombs & White phosphorus rain down on Libya http://t.co/4SW9KDgX

Clinton Cluster Bombs and Claims of Victory

Welcome to Sirte!Direct flight to hell,one way tickets. - Khamis Gaddafi Travel Agency http://t.co/jUVMX6Ca

Hague asked Algiers to cooperate with the NTC: Algiers - British Minister of foreign affairs, ... http://t.co/NJ9YZbO0
[But but but the CIA terrorist al Qs have been told to attack that gov't and the terrorist NTC has said it is hostile to Algeria. Do keep up, bank clerk.]

RT_com Killer cantaloupes continue to take lives http://t.co/FktQr7OI

Report Sirte : 13 rebels died and 80 injured when NATO bombed their position in a friendly fire incident at outskirt desert.

[AQ affiliate] Bel haj is alive. his injuries were [unfortunately] minor and he stayed at hospital. Bel haj is trying to negotiate with as [many] groups as possible

[7pm uk]
just watching tweets bani walid is under rebels control. whats going on there?

I will confirm the conditions of Baniwalid tommorow. Last report there was heavy fighting. I'll make update

RT_com Romania approves deployment of US anti-missile system http://t.co/3BbWCA8r
[Israel friendly?]

RT_com German satellite to crash to earth this weekend http://t.co/bfuDTrlB

Tunisia's Islamists raise voice: A few days before the elections in Tunisia, http://bit.ly/pVFzdq

I have heard from some sources that there is plan for October 25. it was stated by rebel commander.cannot confirm it though

After months of unprecedented aggression, NATO announced it is committed 2 more destruction & killing 2 protect "Civilians" & Presstitutes still talk abt Final Push! more than 80,000 killed, more 40,000 missing, thousands of children killed, maimed &  maimed & traumatized. Infrastructure, health institutions, schools & Universities....etc. Still final push! protect civilians!

Heavy fightings are reported in Hadba and AbuSalim in Tripoli this evening,will update more as we receive it.

Video footage, NATO attacks using white phosphorous in Bani Walid (as it did in Kosovo, as it did in Iraq) : http://bit.ly/pqYeeV

1,200 civilians have been murdered by NATO in Bani Walid,where prohibited weaponry has been used

Series of NATO strikes target Tripoli http://bit.ly/oBt1jZ

Mighty Green Resistance Army have defeated the Nato backed rebels in Sarman

NATO-led gangs with a new loot (gold stolen from women) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Chad attacking libya? what will the tuareg say?

the tuareg will not be happy about that.

[8pm uk]
RT_com RT New Greece austerity bill gets initial approval

"NATO not ready yet to stop operations in Libya" (the patient still shows signs of life) http://translate.google.com/tr... Libya https://rt.com/news/nato-libya...

There is not a soul in AbuSalim Tripoli who is not loyal to Brother Leader, that's why NATO seeks to eradicate its residents

Not just AbuSalim everywhere in Libya supports jamahiria.. Its resistance against foreign agr. And occupatn

[9pm uk]
Green resistance in Ajdabiyah has killed a NTC representative and 18 rebels they came for meeting in the area. Convoy ambushed on way bk

---Report Tripoli : heavy Fighting across the city. big clashes at A'arada neighborhood and 60 zintan rebels killed and some injured.

Nato bombs Libya with FAE bombs. http://www.algeria-isp.com/act...

Mutasim Ghaddafi's message makes it clear Libyans' resistance to re-colonisation precludes normalisation of oil flows http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x...

Like Iraq, Libya is a war sold to greedy western fools as a grab for oil, which won't deliver that outcome, but does serve zionist interests

Must read, great article filled with humour and truth: Poo with a "human" face goes to Libya. English pravda.ru: http://bit.ly/nnqajk

whats going on in BW? looks like there was an agreement with tribes! rats are all over the place!
Day 215: 19. october 2011. Libya news http://libyasos.blogspot.com/p/news.html
16h./ Al.Shababiya channel : breaking news>> violent clashes between traitors and Mojahideen who are at the valley of Tamasla in Baniwalid and they made the Ambushes for the traitors and stayed in hidin place after the withdrawal which scared the... NATO and their traitors ..... the NATO after the devastating bombing and the traitors wanted to Destroy Bani Walid over the heads of their inhabitants But they were surprised that the Mujahideen have changed tactics and they walked a tactical withdrawal Where the city is now almost empty of people.

19h/ The destruction of Sirte -  Every building in Sirte, including apartment blocks, homes, hospitals, schools, and other civilian structures, has either been levelled or severely damaged by the “rebel” forces trying to finally take the city. Militiamen are looting homes, cars, and shops, with truckloads of residents’ stolen possessions now leaving Sirte every day.All those responsible for the Libyan war ought to be charged with war crimes—beginning with Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy. These figures launched an unprovoked war of aggression, which was the principal charge laid against Germany’s Nazi leaders at the war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg. NATO claimed authorisation for the war in Libya on the pseudo-legal basis of UN - > http://www.wsws.org/articles/2011/oct2011/pers-o19.shtml

NATO Terrorists might announce the termination of their Libya war tomorrow. England and France are hugely against this decision.
[Can't see the resistance complying]

For those who do not know,Gaddafi invented a car.It is called The Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libyan rocket): http://pic.twitter.com/zTun1l8...

An American Teenager in Yemen http://www.newyorker.com/onlin...

I bet Hillary is trying to get some sort of funds again out of Libya! Too bad http://worldreports.org author died.

AntiWarCom: Michele Bachmann is an Extremely Ignorant Disgrace: Michele Bachmann in last night’s presid... http://bit.ly/pRyhd7

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NATO-led rebels deny injured Libyans medical treatment and leave them to die in Sirte.
[What goes around comes around]

She's desperate.. Nato are desperate

for sure we know she wasn't in Tripoli.

the manufacturing of cars for commercial scale was scheduled to be launched on fatah day 1.9.2011.. Nato destroyed everything

Libyan tribes vow to fight occupation until Libya is once again free from NATO-led rebels.

US admits using propaganda for war against people of Libya in violation of international law.
[Gov? Pentagon? Both?]

NATO increasing bombing sorties on Libyans before meeting on Wednesday that might set end date.

UN OHCHR trumpets "REBUILDING LIBYA" headline on human rights website while NATO continues killing Libyans.

---19.OCT-11The armed cells of Green Resistance were engaged in the airport of Tripoli with heavy Rockets

---Report Baniwalid : the Green resistance is still fighting in BW and have killed 160 rebels and injured 270 rebels. The Zawiyah rebels left

Counterpunch: Obama and his team must surely have an allergic reaction to the kinds of straightforward demands that emanate from the various Occupied sites. http://t.co/UJFpnQLb

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Syria-Nurse Wassim Mahfoud Exposes Details of Murdering his Colleague by Terrorists http://t.co/Z6TPIPob

Mahmoud Jibrel announcement that shocked NATO "I will resign and there is no use in NTC they are divided and nobody listens to anyone"
[So part of the banksters' plot evaporates with the ex-pat's departure]

Syria-A Number of Terrorists Arrested, RPG Launchers and Advanced Machine Guns Seized in Homs http://t.co/h2HEdqCd

Yousef Shakir " City of baniwalid people are Green supporters and they are standing and fighting to defend their rights"

Figaro newspaper wrote "France met With tunisian officials before the war and said need chaos to remove Gaddafi because the people love him"

Yousef Shakir "in The last few days alone the rebels are finishing each other off in Tarhuna and Benghazi and Tripoli and Misrata"
[So another part of the banksters' plot evaporates]

Western mass media announced 'fall' of Sirte & Bani Walid days ago. So why are NATO's bombs & helicopter gunships still murdering in Libya?

Yousef Shakir "Rebels killed each other in unbelievable ways. to the point that Salabi brothers escaped to Egypt and Jibreel might resign"

Yousef Shakir "Military commander of Qatar in libya said there is no way that all these rebel groups can work together even with bribes"
[As foretold at the beginning of hostilities]

Yousef Shakir "Hillary clinton said herself at meeting that all rebel factions have to come to understanding or risk losing everything"

Belhaj said "Now that some are thinking of removing me. If they try I will unleash destruction on everyone and reveal secrets"
[Self-nominated CIA target, can he please put the secrets in writing where they can be recovered after he's topped?]

Yousef Shakir "Qatar has bribed Zintan 3 times and only bribed Belhaj 1 time. Yet Zintan are still destroying Qatari interests"

Yousef Shakir "Qatar and UAE officials said there is no space for them anymore since Hillary came" US is taking even French share of oil
[Even the big rats are in-fighting]

A pro-NATO troll just assured me that no NATO helicopters are operating in Libya any more (left weeks ago). Anyone care to comment?

Sabri Maliki [rebel] Democratic libya party "Our goal of our party is to first kill Abd Jalil and Mahmoud Jibreel and then make elections" on RT

First goal of "democratic libya party" with support of brigades on frontlines is to kill abd jalil and Mahmoud jibreel....Rat democracy

RT_com Clinton pays surprise visit to Afghanistan for peace talks http://t.co/uX7KsIWV

Report Tarhuna: 2 rebel brigades have been wiped out in clashes. There is no more Benghazi brigade in Tarhuna. Heavy infighting by rebels

H.Morris: Is Dr Shakir Going Over The Head of NATO?... http://t.co/DdVsaY7S

Democratic Libya brigade and Misrata brigade and Bel haj brigade announced they would prefer cutting Libya into 4 parts and ending NTC

Salabi brigade has executed 35 NTC Rebels and 3 NTC officials for not notifying him in Benghazi of their arrival. "Benghazi" is Salabi town

IntelHub: Major Security Firms Detect New Trojan Capable Of Disrupting Power Plants, Oil Refineries and... http://t.co/Ih58IAM6

Eyewitness report :NTC Salabi "Salabi was cutting up one of the NTC rebel rivals and he then gouged out his eye and held it with his lips"
"He didn't place eye on ground instead he held it with his lips as he continued eagerly cutting man up"
[The kind of person selected for financial and military support, preferred by the coalition, NATO and the CIA]

RT_com Russian president joins Facebook http://t.co/YTCaTtNg

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